Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let's get this train wreck started!

Much to my embarrassment, I have decided to start a blog (obviously). Other than a brief period in high school when I kept a Xanga site (remember those days? such angst), I have mostly been opposed to blogging. This demotivator from despair.com sums up my opinion on the matter quite nicely:

So at this point you may be thinking "Did this girl create a blog just to talk about how much she hates blogs?!?!" Please, I have more productive things to do with my time, like browsing Facebook and Pinterest. This blog is intended to document the trials and tribulations of planning a wedding. Ever since Matt and I got engaged, I have been telling the same stories, about the engagement and wedding plans, roughly 500 times. Per Day. Maybe that is an exaggeration, and maybe some of my friends are thinking "Katie's never had a problem telling the same story 5 million times before!",  but I have discovered that retelling the same story gets to be exhausting, a fact that I'm sure my previous roommates could have told me 4 years ago. Thus, I came up with the inspired idea to create a blog, and any time any one asks about wedding plans, or the engagement story, or how we met, they will be directed to this blog. They will get nothing more from me! 

Just kidding. I'll direct them to the blog, but tell the story anyway. As anyone who knows me can tell you, I can't resist the retelling of a story, complete with lots of exaggerations and maybe an interpretive dance or two. Since I do find sooo many blogs and their content insufferable, I will make some vows to you, my dear readers (which will probs amount to around 7):
1. I promise to not let this blog turn into a play by play of my daily life. I can't promise that it won't get boring, but I can promise that I'm not going to give you a detailed account of what I ate for breakfast. Please, I'm not that narcissistic! 

2. I am not Oprah. I am not going to constantly barrage you with a list of my favorite things (only Oprah can get away with that!). Sure, I may mention my "must haves" every now and then, especially because I can become weirdly obsessed with the most random things (taco bell #8 with soft tacos and a mountain dew), but it is not going to become a weekly update. Totally unnecessary. 

3. My fiance is the best ever, and in roughly 11 months he will be the best husband ever. You can go ahead and secretly think that your significant other tops mine, but if you even whisper it on here I am going to kick you off of this blog! (Can I do that? Can I have a blog bouncer? That would be really fantastic.)

I wish I could bore you with some more tedious promise-making, but my stomach is rumbling, and you know if I don't eat every 3 hours I get nauseus! (Name that movie and we will be friends.) I also have a pretty serious date with the Hokie Bird tonight. It's okay, Matt is cool with it. 


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