Saturday, June 23, 2012

Let's Get Some Shoes.

I've made my first appointment for my dress fitting! Do you know what that means? It means this:

Ah, that took my back to my wild college days...eating easy mac and watching youtube videos with my friends.

Anyway, it really is time to get some shoes. I need to find the perfect pair in time for my fitting (in two weeks), so that whatever alterations are needed will be measured with everything I'm wearing for TBD (The Big Day). SO MUCH PRESSURE!!! This is a pretty big dilemma here, I mean it's almost as big as the bangs vs. no bangs debate (should I keep my bangs for TBD, or grow them out?? Real problems here).

Of course, as soon as I scheduled my fitting I was all over the internet looking for some inspiration. I am essentially looking for something fun and unexpected...well, not really unexpected since lots of brides wear crazy shoes on their wedding day...but, you know, something with a little more pizazz than just a plain shoe. I love all things that are glittery, colorful, and sparkly, so naturally my wedding day style will reflect that. Duh. Anyway, here are some of my favorite finds:
These shoes RULE!

These shoes SUCK!
(Only because they are Jimmy Choos, and therefore unattainable)
These shoes RULE!

Anyone else noticing a glittery pattern here? I am, and I'm sure not a single one of my friends are saying "color me shocked!" right now. This girl loves her sparkly stuff. As is becoming typical with wedding planning, something that should be a relatively simple thing to do, has become a ginormous task. And, knowing how awesome I am with making a decision, I probably won't have a pair of shoes picked out by my first fitting, and it's very unclear if I will make a decision by December. Someone just needs to tell me what to do!! It really is the best scenario. I won't like what they have to say, and I won't like someone trying to boss me around, so then I will do the opposite. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

Or, maybe I will just go barefoot.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Katie and Matt: Power Couple

I am proud to say that Matt and I pulled off our engagement shoot with nary a hitch in sight!

Good thing ya'll couldn't see my face as I typed that, because you would have known I was a LIAR. Actually, there were many hitches that day, but it's okay, because it turned our day of pictures into a very memorable adventure.

The morning did not start smoothly. I was frazzled because a.) I still could not decide on a second outfit choice (a costume change was needed, we were going to be taking pictures in the 90 degree heat!), and b.) Matt told me the night before he knew what he was going to wear, and then informed me in the morning that those clothes were actually at his parent's house. However, it was a sunny day and I was feeling spectacular, so despite our late start, we were both extremely excited for our photo shoot.

Practicing my poses the night before.

We first stopped at my hair stylist's house. There was a slight bit of drama when we arrived, and I won't go into too much detail about it, but I will say there was a brief period of time when we did not think we would make it to our engagement shoot. Everything turned out okay, and Noah did a fabulous job on my hair, like always. It is just so tragic he can't style my hair the day of my wedding...but since he can't, he fixed my hair fo free! Thank you, Noah!

At this point, we were almost a half hour late to meet with our photographer. We weren't worried though, because it wasn't like we had a strict time limit at the Gardens! Or, so we thought. The first half of our pictures we planned to shoot at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. There is a beautiful, elaborately planned garden on the grounds there, and I knew it would be the perfect spot to take some lovely photos. When we arrived, we hurried up to the entrance, and gave the volunteer manning the visitors booth our money (we had to pay $100 freakin dollars to take pictures, despite the fact that they were open to the public that day). As we began to walk away, she said something to the effect of "I'm going to start the clock now." I was thoroughly confused by this, because when we made the reservation they didn't say anything about a time limit, but at the moment I still felt out of sorts from all the events from earlier that morning, so I didn't really process what she meant.

So, we meandered around the garden until a little over an hour later, another volunteer approached us and said, "Pack it up! You guys gotta go! You're already twenty minutes over your time limit!" He then proceeded to stand and watch us until we packed up our things, and then he literally escorted us to the entrance to make sure we left. As we passed the other volunteer at her post, she frowned, tapped her watch, and said, "You're over your limit!" Matt calmly and politely informed her that we were unaware of a time limit. She scowled and said, "Well, there's a limit. You get one hour for $100. I'm going to let it slide this time." Of course, Matt then told her there would not be a next time. I could tell he wanted to say more, but didn't want to cause a scene in front of the photographers.

I cannot express in words how awful they made us feel. First of all, we called ahead and paid a considerable amount of money to be there. Second, there was no one else in the gardens that day, so we definitely weren't disturbing anyone. To top it all off, they were barely civil when they spoke to us--they basically treated us as some unruly teenagers who somehow snuck in and were causing a ruckus. Luckily, Matt is my knight in shining armor; he called the museum the next day and voiced our displeasure with the special events coordinator--we're getting all of our money back, plus several free passes (however, we still don't plan on returning there any time soon).

We were a little disappointed to leave the gardens earlier than planned, but we were excited about our next stop on the tour, Brewbakers Restaurant and the Winchester downtown walking mall.

Matt and I were especially excited to take pictures at Brew's. For part of my time spent in Winchester, Brewbakers was my home away from home, and everyone there was family. I started working there part time as a server, so I could save up some extra money, and ended up loving it more than my current full time job (of course, that wasn't a hard thing to accomplish). And if I wasn't working, then I was there anyway, having drinks with friends, dancing the night away, or nomming on a veggie quesadilla. However, the biggest reason this place is so special to us, is because it is the place where I met Matt. Awwwww!

Taking a break with our shoots are hard work!

Overall, the day was counted a success. We are anxiously awaiting our pictures, and we cannot wait to see how they turned out! Our favorite pose was, obviously, the power pose. This was when we turned and looked at the camera all like "I drive a porsche and I have a summer home in France. No big." 

I'm also pleased to say that we've got a save the date picked out, we just need some pictures to go with it. You know the rules--you don't get to see it until everyone gets to see it. 

Lots of love, until next time!

Friday, June 8, 2012


This afternoon I received friendly reminders from both and about how I only have six months to go until the big day. WHAT?!?!?! When did THAT happen???

Wedding Channel kindly suggested I finalize my reception decor and table centerpieces; The Knot urged me to start looking at invitations RIGHT NOW and order them immediately. Good thing I have these guys to send me monthly reminders on how I am failing miserably on my timeline. Centerpieces? Ummm we don't have even have a florist. In fact, we don't have the vaguest idea of who we might hire. Invitations? When was I supposed to mail Save the Dates? Because that has not happened. Oops, I think that was the 8 month mark. I'm starting to realize it's probably a good thing my dreams of becoming a wedding planner never came to fruition. 

Surprisingly, I'm not feeling stressed at all. I feel quite calm and collected, and my biggest concern at the moment is whether I should read a book or watch soccer games on my iphone while I lay out at the pool this afternoon. Most psychologists would refer to this as "avoidance." 

I promise I'm not avoiding anything; I have a plan for the Save the Dates, finding a florist, picking out invitations, EVERYTHING. I bet that right now you are just dying to know what my plan is...right?? Well you don't get to, it's a big secret, just like my dress. OK OK I'll tell you. My big plan is that things will get done, and if they don't, they'll get done at the very last minute, and that's the Katie Eide Way. 

As soon as this plan starts to spin out of control, you'll be the first to know.
Look at this face. This is a face that says, "I am in control. You have nothing to worry about."

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Things are Happening!

The unthinkable has happened. Katie Eide, a known commitaphobe, has just made one of the biggest commitments of her life...

 It's beautiful and sparkly and vintage looking and YOU CAN'T SEE IT! Seriously, my mom and I are trying to keep it a secret. I realize that may make me sound like a Diva, but when else is it okay for me to be a diva? Never--and believe me, I've tried! Everybody will get their "first look" at the wedding! 

How did it happen? This past weekend, my mom and I went to several stores: Nordstrom, Leesburg Bridal, and La Reve. I almost picked out a dress at Nordstrom, but I had doubts about it and decided I needed to wait. After visiting just three stores, I felt extremely overwhelmed. I knew that lots of those dresses looked great on me, but it wasn't THE dress, and I really would have appreciated everyone getting off my case about it! Seriously. It is just unbearable to me to have too many people watching me try on dresses. I never brought more than two people with me, but it did not become disastrous until additional sales associates would wander over and start throwing accolades at me. Ya'll know I love attention, but that was just too much pressure, at times I really felt like I was being forced to like a dress that I never wanted to wear out in public. I have no idea how those ladies do it on Say Yes to the Dress, when they have a huge entourage that rolls in. It's probably why I never watch the show--all those opinions bouncing around would make my anxiety levels through the roof.  

Now that the dress issue has been settled, everything is really starting to fall into place. I'm ready to make a decision on bridesmaids' dresses, I have an image in my mind of how I want our cake to look, and I am seriously brainstorming our save the dates and invitations. 

We also had our first wedding-related celebration this weekend! Matt's parents hosted on engagement party at their house, and it was wonderful! My family was there, many of our close friends attended, Poe Bear was on his best behavior, and the food was INCREDIBLE!! Homemade crab dip, smoked salmon, ham biscuits, cupcakes and cake pops, and four trays loaded with sushi from one of my favorite restaurants ever, Kumo. 
Delicious cake pop favors, courtesy of Fabulous Fetes!

We also received several gifts at the party--exciting times! I don't want to sound like a Lifetime Afterschool Special here, but Matt and I really are blessed to have such amazing family and friends. We felt so loved at the party, and we really can't express how happy we are to be sharing  this time with the people we love. 
Speaking of people we love, look at this guy! He was so well behaved at the party, he truly is an angel!

We took zero pictures by ourselves at the actual party. Well done.
Our favorite parents.

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