Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Things are Happening!

The unthinkable has happened. Katie Eide, a known commitaphobe, has just made one of the biggest commitments of her life...

 It's beautiful and sparkly and vintage looking and YOU CAN'T SEE IT! Seriously, my mom and I are trying to keep it a secret. I realize that may make me sound like a Diva, but when else is it okay for me to be a diva? Never--and believe me, I've tried! Everybody will get their "first look" at the wedding! 

How did it happen? This past weekend, my mom and I went to several stores: Nordstrom, Leesburg Bridal, and La Reve. I almost picked out a dress at Nordstrom, but I had doubts about it and decided I needed to wait. After visiting just three stores, I felt extremely overwhelmed. I knew that lots of those dresses looked great on me, but it wasn't THE dress, and I really would have appreciated everyone getting off my case about it! Seriously. It is just unbearable to me to have too many people watching me try on dresses. I never brought more than two people with me, but it did not become disastrous until additional sales associates would wander over and start throwing accolades at me. Ya'll know I love attention, but that was just too much pressure, at times I really felt like I was being forced to like a dress that I never wanted to wear out in public. I have no idea how those ladies do it on Say Yes to the Dress, when they have a huge entourage that rolls in. It's probably why I never watch the show--all those opinions bouncing around would make my anxiety levels through the roof.  

Now that the dress issue has been settled, everything is really starting to fall into place. I'm ready to make a decision on bridesmaids' dresses, I have an image in my mind of how I want our cake to look, and I am seriously brainstorming our save the dates and invitations. 

We also had our first wedding-related celebration this weekend! Matt's parents hosted on engagement party at their house, and it was wonderful! My family was there, many of our close friends attended, Poe Bear was on his best behavior, and the food was INCREDIBLE!! Homemade crab dip, smoked salmon, ham biscuits, cupcakes and cake pops, and four trays loaded with sushi from one of my favorite restaurants ever, Kumo. 
Delicious cake pop favors, courtesy of Fabulous Fetes!

We also received several gifts at the party--exciting times! I don't want to sound like a Lifetime Afterschool Special here, but Matt and I really are blessed to have such amazing family and friends. We felt so loved at the party, and we really can't express how happy we are to be sharing  this time with the people we love. 
Speaking of people we love, look at this guy! He was so well behaved at the party, he truly is an angel!

We took zero pictures by ourselves at the actual party. Well done.
Our favorite parents.

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