Friday, July 20, 2012

Save the Date Mania

I am in the midst of a fake calligraphy storm. Long before I deliberated over our Save the Date options, I worried more about addressing those Save the Dates. In my opinion, I don't have the prettiest handwriting. I certainly can't write in cursive worth a lick, and the best I've ever been able to do, in terms of beautifying my strokes, is add some polka dots to each letter and call it a day. 

As you can see, it's not much to look at, and seeing as how I've obsessively agonized over every detail of the wedding thus far, my handwriting skills were no exception. 

Enter Pinterest. Pinterest typically gives me unrealistic expectations of how my wedding will look, but this time they saved the day. I stumbled upon a pin entitled "how to fake calligraphy." FAKE something artistic?!? Sounds right up my alley! 
Thank you, Something Charming!

I practiced for a couple of days, then just jumped right in, as soon as the save the dates arrived. I've never considered myself to be capable of artsy feats, so I'm quite pleased with how the addresses have turned out. It's definitely not perfect, but as I write I like to tell myself "I'm an artist. I can't be confined by lines, and rules, and society's standards of perfection." Here's a sample of my work (which seriously is not my best):
Duh. I know our fearless HP no longer lives on Privet Dr, but I have high hopes our Save the Date will be forwarded to his most current residence....with Ginny Weasley. 
Now that the envelopes are all addressed, it's time to choose a stamp! Although they lack many admirable qualities, the Post Office has a whole section on their website dedicated to wedding/love-themed stamps. 
As alluring as that stamp may be, it's hard to make a decision, especially when there are so many other tempting options: 
Good ole' Sammy Clemens!
And there's also this choice to consider:
American Scientists! 
Some people who read this may think I am joking. Well, I'm not. I have serious plans to run over to the post office and purchase all the Mark Twain stamps they have in stock. 

Now you're thinking, which stamp did I choose?!?!? Well, you all have to wait for the highly anticipated Save the Date reveal! 

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  1. This looks great, Kate! So glad you stumbled across my blog and my post! Hope it helped a little :)



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