Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Katie Plans the Wedding in One Post

I know it may seem otherwise, but wedding planning is very stressful. I know, I know, from reading this blog you've probably gathered that it is a walk in the park. WELL IT'S NOT. Something ALWAYS goes wrong when it comes to weddings, turning what should be a lovely, fun process into a nightmare. After this past weekend, in which we went home to take care of some wedding plans, several people, Matt included, have told me to "chill out." Literally, everyone has used those exact words. Well, I am taking their advice and as of Sunday I will be starting a "treat yo'self" week. Until then, I have decided to solve my problems by planning the rest of the major details in one single post. Let's go! 

Cake: Everybody likes funfetti, right? Good. Cause that's what you're getting. 

Ceremony Music: Are musicians really necessary? I'm just going to take my Love, Actually soundtrack and put it on repeat. BOOM. Problem solved. 

Favors: Forget about sticking labels on 200 mason jars and tying them with ribbons. I'm getting a pinata and filling it with candy. 

Menu: You can get a really great deal at taco bell when you buy soft tacos in bulk. Vegetarian option included!

Flowers: This one is tricky. I could turn my bridesmaids loose and let them scavenge the local gardens, but my wedding is in December. So, instead I will turn them loose at the local Christmas tree farm. They can take all the small, Charlie Brown trees that no one else wants and carry them around as bouquets. Bonus--they will smell like Christmas! 

Invitations: Two words: Facebook invite. If people don't have Facebook, then they don't exist, and if they don't exist, then they can't really make an appearance at our wedding.

Ceremony readings: So simple. I'm going to open the Bible at random, close my eyes, and point. Ta-dah! 

Well, look at that! In just ten minutes I've made some major progress on the wedding plans. I'm positive Matt will love all of my ideas. In fact, I'm positive EVERYONE will love my ideas. 

I'm sure you're looking at all of those ideas and thinking they are foolproof, but I'm sure something is bound to go disastrously wrong. When that happens, I'll let you know, but in the meantime...TREAT YO SELF! 


  1. Ha, I love this! Definitely sounds a perfect wedding to me :)

    But really, don't let the stress get to you my dear. When exactly is your wedding and what is worrying you the most?

    Thanks for linking up today!


    1. Well we are kind of planning things long distance (5 hours away), and because of our work schedules it's really hard to take a trip home and get things done. So we haven't settled on several important things, such as cake, menu, and flowers, and the wedding is Dec 8th. Also, this past weekend, we had issues with people cancelling their appointments, not having cake samples to taste, etc, so I think that heightened my stress for sure!

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  3. It sounds like you are still able to have a sense of humour through it all, and that is a huge gift!!
    Thinking of you!! It sounds like stressful times :/

    1. Thanks! It IS stressful times, but I try to keep my sense of humor, and I have a wonderful, supportive fiance, plus some really great family and friends to help me through it all!


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