Wednesday, August 8, 2012

4 Months, what?!?

I have so many things to tell you, mainly about my wondrous week of relaxation and zero wedding planning (treat yo self!). But, at the moment I do not have the time, as I am on my way out the door (obvi not literally) for a sushi double dinner date. I thought I would just check in for a moment to let you know the following: 
1. I am still alive. 
I know it has been a little while since my last post, but rest assured I have not fallen off the face of the planet. 
2. Treat Yo Self 2012! was a fantastic week. I can't wait to have another one. 

When did this happen??? No, seriously, someone please tell me, WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN??!?!? Because the last time I checked, it was still July and I had plenty of time to finish wedding plans. 

At this point, with nine months of engagement experience, I know better than to read those "friendly" reminders I receive from Wedding Channel and The Knot. Odds are, I probably haven't done half the things that are "supposed" to be completed by the four month time frame, so I no longer trouble myself with actually opening the emails. 

That's all I have for now. If you will excuse me, I have a date with a spicy tuna roll. 

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