Friday, August 10, 2012

Holiday is Over

My self-imposed exile from wedding planning has come to an end. While I really enjoyed my "Treat Yo Self 2012" vacation (which involved shopping, dinner dates with friends, celebrating Matt's birthday, and a fun-filled hour on a high ropes/zipline course), there's less than four months to go until the wedding, and boy have we got some work to do! 

Let's take a look at all the things I am hoping to accomplish during the month of August:
1. Order Matt's Suit/Tux
Apparently, trying to find an acceptable suit for Matt takes just as long as me trying to find a wedding gown. 

2. Order the Groomsmen Attire
Sorry fellas but you can't just roll up in whatever happens to be clean that day. This is a WEDDING, not an afternoon at the casino! 

3. Order Invitations
I suppose I should retract my previous statement about Facebook invites. It has come to my attention that many of our wedding guests are NOT on Facebook, and they do, in fact, exist. (Or perhaps, some people can't use Facebook, because they "forgot their password." I'm lookin at you, Mom.) Paper invitations it is! 

4. Select the Dinner Menu
I know I stated before I was going to go with ordering soft tacos in bulk from Taco Bell, and I apologize to anyone who was looking forward to that delicious meal (I know I was!). Unfortunately, the taco bell in my hometown recently burned down. SO TRAGIC BEYOND WORDS. So, looks like we will have to pick some second rate option, like garlic encrusted pork tenderloin, from the catering menu. 

5. Start Planning Honeymoon
We've made some progress on this--we're going to COSTA RICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except I firmly told Matt, "I am not roughing it on my honeymoon." I'm all for backpacking through the jungle, but once this whirlwind is over, all I want to do is sit on a beach somewhere, drink, and eat. 

This is basically what I have told myself NEEDS to happen by the time Labor Day passes us by. I have a million other things that I would like to get done, but you know, we've got to get realistic here. 

Despite this behemoth of a to-do list, and despite jumping back into all of this mess after such a relaxing break, I am actually super excited. My first bridal shower is this weekend (a lingerie shower, oh my!), I have a second dress fitting coming up, and Matt is so wonderful, I can't believe I am lucky enough to marry him! 
My handsome fiance and our little angel, Poe Bear.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. I wanted to let you know I ordered a tux for my fiance from Indochino last weekend. Should have it around the first week of September. I'm nervous but it seemed like the best option and for the price, really not that bad. Our men are renting from Mens Warehouse the vera tux that DOES look different but whatever the groom can stand out. The tuxedos from MW are $200 a pop so spending $379 for something custom to keep forever, I didn't really mind.. I'll let you know how it comes out!

    1. Ooohhh, please let me know! We've actually gone as far as designing the suit Matt wants on indochino...just need to figure out his measurements! I know what you mean about the groomsmen not matching exactly, but if the bride gets to stand out, why can't the groom stand out as well?


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