Friday, August 31, 2012

The Grand Finale

Now that I've really stepped up my game on the wedding planning front, it is literally all I think about--my entire being is consumed with thoughts of day-of agendas and pinterest inspiration boards.  I should probably give myself another wedding-planning free week before my head explodes, but in the meantime I am first going to ponder our grand exit from the reception.

I don't know why this has been plaguing me lately; I think I subconsciously decided that it is imperative for me to plan this before fall rolls around, because otherwise I may forget and then we'll have the lamest exit in the history of weddings! (In case you haven't noticed, I always leap to the worst case scenario.)

So, without further ado, here are my ideas and inspiration:
1. Not Sparklers
Sparklers are so "been there done that." Despite the fact they've definitely reached cliche status, I absolutely love sparkler exits. They make lovely pictures, plus, isn't it such fun to set things on fire? Unfortunately, most reception venues frown upon setting things on fire, particularly if it is their property. The Martha is one of these reception venues--sparkler exits were banned after a could-have-been-disastrous sparkler exit gone wrong several years ago. So, I guess I can try to be pretentious and say "sparkler exits, I'm over it," but deep down I'm a little disappointed I can't exit through a tunnel of sparkly fire. 

The Martha will be having none of that! 
2. Wish Lanterns
As far as I know, wish lanterns are still kosher at the Martha. They're pretty, they're sparkly, they're safe and biodegradable! However, they are a bit costly--almost $300 for 100 lanterns! I guess I'll just be "wishing" for these! Hahaha! 

3. Confetti
I LOVE confetti exits, maybe more so than sparkler exits. I just love confetti in general. My only concern is people won't throw the confetti far enough or high enough to create a veritable snowstorm of confetti for myself and Matt to walk through. (I have VERY high expectations for this exit.) However that problem can be solved with...

4. Confetti Cannons! 
It has always been a dream of mine to be privy to a confetti cannon/ticker tape parade type of experience. I came SO close at a T. Swift concert several years ago, but I guess were in the cheap seats because our section had zero percent confetti precipitation. To me, nothing says "this is it! this is a life-changing moment!" like a confetti cannon. 


The Ceremony Brainstorm: An Exit Worthy of Husband and Wife :  wedding cedar rapids decor 339 3
5. Ribbon Wands
Ribbon wands are the wave of the future (pun intended!). They're super cute, easy to personalize, AND easy to DIY! My only concern is making sure they show up in pictures, since it will be dark. I guess I would just have to use some kind of sparkly, glittery, shiny ribbon...definitely not a problem at all. 

The Ceremony Brainstorm: An Exit Worthy of Husband and Wife :  wedding cedar rapids decor 6 6
6. Fireworks
Not going to happen. But a girl can dream, right?

Matt and I clearly have some some decisions to make. There are many ways to weigh the pros and cons of these exit options, but when it comes to wedding planning in general, let me fill you in on my thought process:
1. Is it sparkly, shiny, or glittery?
     -If not, can we make it sparkly, shiny, or glittery?
2. Will it fulfill any childhood dreams?
3. How well does it photograph? (Please don't take me as shallow for being so obsessed with how things look in else will I remember my wedding day when I'm old and doddering? And by old, I mean 30.)
4. Is it baller?
5. Is it feasible? 
6. Is it cheap?

If the answer is "no" to questions 1-4, then it is back to the drawing board. If the answer is "yes," then we make it happen! 

And that's all I have for the reception getaway. Any ideas? If you do offer me ideas or suggestions, please keep in mind the above thought process. 

And is ALMOST September! 

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