Monday, September 24, 2012

Honeymoon Conundrums

Oh friends, sorry for still being a slacker on my blog posts, but hey, at least you're getting roughly one post per week, right? Besides, I've been super busy doing actual wedding things, such as handwriting addresses on our invitations; paying someone else to do it looks better and better every day.

In addition to staining my hands with silver ink, there has been much discussion about our honeymoon. With less than three months to go, we've realized we need to light a fire under our butts and get plannin! With less than three months to go, we've also realized we have no idea where we want to go. 

Beach--always an option on the table. But WHICH beach??

I know, I know, earlier this year we very decisively stated "Southern Italy or Costa Rica--there are no other options." Then, we very emphatically said "Costa Rica." Now, in the past couple of weeks, we've also referred to St. Thomas, St. John, Antigua, Turks and Caicos, and St. Lucia. We're hopeless. 

Maybe we should have really thought this through six months ago--but we always thought this would be the easiest part! Well, it's not. With so many Caribbean beach destinations, and with two indecisive types like us, coming to a decision will be a momentous feat. We are currently in talks with a travel agent, hoping to come to a decision shortly, but in the meantime, here are a few things I've learned in the honeymoon a-plannin process.

1. Know ya boo
Just kidding. If you're married, then hypothetically you should already "know ya boo." What I mean is, know ya budget. Sure, Bora Bora looks dreamy, until you find out how many organs you'd have to sell on the black market just to get over there. 

2.  Know whatcha wanna do
Do you want to backpack across Europe? Hike the ruins of Machu Picchu? Sample every bottle of wine in the Napa Valley? It's pretty essential to decide up front what kind of experience you're looking for--adventurous, romantical, relaxing, etc. At first, we thought we might go to Southern Italy and be touristy. Then, we actually started planning a wedding, and realized we wanted to do NOTHING. In my opinion, the best place to travel to and do nothing is the beach. 

3. Know whatcha can't live without
Once you've decided on the type of experience, it's time to decide where to stay and what you'll do to fill your days. Sometimes, you may know already have a list in mind. Other times, it may not hit you until the middle of the night, when you wake up and realize you absolutely cannot stay ANYWHERE unless there is a swim-up bar on the premises. 

Hitting golf balls into the ocean--definitely a must. 

4. Know whatcha don't want
It's also easy to rule out destinations when you know what you don't want. For instance, I don't want a family friendly resort, and I don't want to go to Jamaica. I feel like the family friendly resort is self-explanatory, but don't ask me why I refuse to go to Jamaica. I just have no interest in going there, unless it involves reenacting Cool Runnings. If so, we'll talk. 

Kayaking...probably a bad idea. If you ever want to hear this story, just ask.
So there it is, my foolproof guide to planning a honeymoon! Well, maybe not so foolproof, considering we still have no idea where we're heading. But, it's a start, and maybe by this time next week we'll know exactly what we're doing.


  1. All inclusive is the way to go :o)

  2. Agreed! We actually booked our honeymoon as of yesterday, so stay tuned on where we are going :)


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