Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Tonight, my Halloween plans consist of going over to Matt's parent's house and handing out candy to the trick or treaters. We live in a gated apartment complex, so we don't get the luxury of greedy little kids knocking on our door.

Oh yeah, we'll also be hanging out with this guy!
I have never been much of a Halloween person. Yes, I love the festive candy wrappers, and the pumpkins, parties, and anticipation of the holidays that happen AFTER Halloween. However, I'm definitely not one of those people who really get into the whole costume thing. When I was little, I typically let my mom sew or buy a costume. As I grew older, and started picking out my own costumes, my ideas began to consist of whatever I could throw together at the last minute. Let me give you some highlights:

  • 1996: I dressed up as an "escaped patient from a mental institution." I wore an old dress-up costume, added over-sized galoshes, donned Tupperware on my head, and tied twizzlers into my hair. I was a very weird, very disturbed kid. 
  • 1998: This sixth grader showed up to the party dressed as Lizzie Borden. I sported an old bridesmaid dress of my mom's, and carried around an ax. As you can see, my interest in all things morbid continued. 
  • 1999: That year I decided to be a normal little girl and I dressed as a fairy. All it required was the purchase of wings, which I wore over an old ballet recital costume. 
  • 2003: Lizzie Borden returns! This time, I wore a sweater and skirt combo, and carried around a fake bloody hatchet. No less weird, just a little more lazy. 
  • 2004: Candy Corn--probably my best idea, ever. All I needed was enough orange, yellow, and white posterboard to cover my body in the shape of this beloved, festive candy. I think I won a prize for this costume. 
  • 2006: This year marked the height of my fascination with Cher. General opinion was that I could do a pretty spot-on impression of the infamous singer, so I decided that would be the perfect costume. I bought myself a long, black wig and some fishnet nights. BOOM.
  • 2008: This year marked the height of my fascination with Hannah Montanta. I'll let the picture do all the talkin:
Don't judge. 
  • 2009: In what was quite possibly my laziest costume ever, I went dressed as a cougar. I basically wore normal clothes, and just attempted to make my Ralph Lauren v-neck sweater show a little extra cleavage. I was going to buy some cat ears to go with it, but I just never made it to the store. (Sidenote--I was out of town for that Halloween, so I didn't have much to work with, and I was super poor, so I couldn't just go and buy a slutty meter maid costume.)
So there you have it, kids! Katie's Guide to Costume Planning: Use whatever is handy, then comfort yourself with your cleverness when nobody gets/understands your costume. This is my Halloween. 

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