Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Showered with Love: Part 1

I can't believe I've already had TWO bridal showers and I haven't posted about either one! I apologize, dear reader, for cheating you of such precious wedding planning memories. Here is the low down:

The Lingerie Shower
My Matron of Honor, Melissa hosted this fabulous shower. Many of my close friends attended, and it was wonderful. The food was delicious, there was a raspberry champagne that was DELIGHTFUL, and I got many great gifts, most of them too scandalous to record in a blog post. 
Melissa, you should be a party planner!

All decked out in my bridal gear! That sash will be the perfect "something blue" to sport as I walk down the aisle. 

The Abingdon Shower
The next bridal shower occurred back home, for my friends and relatives still living in the area. My Maid of Honor, Ashley, hosted and planned this shower. Despite the monsoon that was raging outside, everyone had a warm and cozy time. We had lunch at a restaurant in town, which coincidentally is also where we will be holding our rehearsal dinner. The food was AMAHZING, and I also had a hair trial that morning, so I was looking really good. 

The rain couldn't even mess with my hair that day!
Now, I don't normally get sappy/emotional on my blog. That stuff is for pansies. However, I will say that I have absolutely loved my bridal showers--and not just for the gifts (granted, they are a major plus). It has meant so much to me to able to spend some quality time with the most important women in my life. I am truly grateful to have such strong, independent, and amazing women to serve as friends, family, and role models, and that is honestly the best gift any girl can receive. 

Sappy party is over, now I just want to say how excited I am to use my brand new griddle this weekend--I'm going to make all kinds of things! And by "all kinds of things," I simply mean pumpkin pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches. Yessssssss.

Stay tuned, the third and final shower is coming up in just a few weeks!

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  1. this is why I need a bridal shower: for a griddle! mmmmm grilled cheese :)


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