Monday, October 8, 2012

The Road So Far

Now that we are exactly TWO FREAKING MONTHS away, I thought it would be fitting to do a post covering all the latest updates in our wedding planning journey. Many people say to me "you must have everything ready by now!" I just plaster a fake smile and nod my head in assent, but in reality the image of my ever-growing to do list stays burned in my mind. Despite sounding like a Negative Nancy, we have accomplished so much since that fateful day in November, when Matt slipped a stunning sparkler on my ring finger.

This. Just. Happened. Literally, we mailed them on Friday morning--and some people have already received them! It is unbelievably exciting. Matt and I have already started taking bets on who will be the first to RSVP.

Lookin reeeaaallll good in that post office lighting!
2. Cake, maybe.
We might actually get to have our cake and eat it too! That phrase has never made sense to myself, or to Matt. If you're going to have cake, you're obviously going to eat it--why else would you have it in the first place? If I wasn't going to be granted the "privilege" of eating cake, then clearly, I would not have cake, I would have fruit...or something.

Anyway, finding someone to bake us a cake for our wedding has proven to be quite the challenge. In fact, it is its own post. For now, let's just say that things are looking up and I probably won't have to bake funfetti for my wedding after all.
One of my favorites from Pinterst. Monogram is a must. 

3. Flowers!
Last weekend, while home for my shower, my mom and I met with the florist and planned out all the flowers we wanted--such a relief! I previously had a wedding anxiety dream in which I didn't have enough flowers, including no extra bouquet to toss at the end of the night. So, I ran into a restaurant and stole fake flowers form a dining table, then tied them together with a ribbon. To be honest, my wedding anxiety dreams probably require their own post as well.

I was very vague about how I wanted the flowers arranged, and I gave her free reign on the corsages (honestly, I just don't have an opinion), but I was very specific about the types of flowers: ranunculus, anemones, garden roses, brunia berries, carnations, and baby's breath.

4. Booked our honeymoon!
Old news, guys. Get with the program.

5. Started my pre-wedding workouts
At first, I wasn't too concerned about forcing myself into an exercise regimen. After all, I felt confident about myself and all the alterations on my dress fit perfectly. I really didn't have anything to worry about...until I ordered a gorgeous rehearsal dinner dress that was slightly expensive AND final sale and could not get it zipped up. Shouldn't be anything three months of spin class can't fix. And on the plus side, I now have more energy and feel healthier than before I began hitting up the gym. Win-win.

That's all for now! I know it may not look like a lot, but honestly at this point I am just adding things to my wedding to do list simply for the sake of crossing them off (so it's really my fault that the list keeps getting longer). We've got a long way to go, my friends. 

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