Friday, October 12, 2012

Wedding Confessions

Today I am linking up with A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday. Why? Because today I am in a firestorm of a mood and I have things to say, that's why! 

First off, I must confess that wedding planning is no picnic. Take it from me, dear reader, it is not the pinterest-party-dream-board you may have imagined. You will have drama with your family, drama with your friends, drama with people you don't even know. You will cry over things not worth crying over (fondant), and obsess over the most trivial details (inner envelopes). The only reason I make it through any of these messes is through my wonderful fiance, who puts up with my crazy and always reminds me about the only thing that really matters: marrying your best friend. 

All that matters is your best friend, and a really awesome photo bomb.

And to further that rant, I also confess that I feel more like a firefighter than a bride-to-be (metaphorically speaking, of course). Every time one fire burns out, another takes its place. Let me throw you an example. Recently, the powers-that-be at Men's Wearhouse decided it would be a fun game to randomly delete groomsmen from our wedding party, then see how long it would take for me to crack (not long). Luckily, Matt saved the day on this one and I didn't have to deal with those monsters for the 500th time. However, as soon as that was fixed, I went to the mall the next day to pick up Matt's wedding band, only to discover that there was a misspelling on the inscription, which changed the meaning entirely. I cannot catch a break. 

I confess that I am beginning to go through my wedding to do list, and take an ax to things that are unimportant. Wedding license? Yes. Choreographed musical number for the wedding party? No.  

This next confession is not really wedding related, but I confess that I hate this election. Hate. It. Everybody and their brother fancies themselves a political genius--and believes it is their way or the highway. This morning, as I scrolled through my news feed on FB, at least five people were giving play-by-plays of the VP debate, complete with their own snarky comments. Vom. All. Over. That. 

I confess I am going to vote for Leslie Knope.


Lastly, I confess that I am absolutely over-the-moon about getting to marry Matty. He is my best friend, my other half, and the only person that can make me smile when I'm having a cranky day. I cannot wait for December 8th. 

That's all I have to say about that.

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