Thursday, November 22, 2012

Invitation Reveal

This is the moment you've been waiting for...the invitation reveal is finally here! I know it took me a century to post this, but life lately has not been conducive to blog posting. Anyway, without further ado...

Don't judge the photography. I did the best I could with my iphone and the industrial blue carpet in my office.

Finding the right invitation was like finding the One--I knew right away, as soon as I spotted that lace overlay. I actually saw something similar to this in Martha Stewart Weddings, and of course I wanted it badly. However, I doubted that we would be able to afford them, because they looked awfully fancy and products which are typically feature in Martha's publications are on the pricier side. So, I went to a local store and almost picked out a design that I felt lukewarm about, and was going to cost around $1200. Before I could make such a colossal mistake, Matt's mom recommended Fine Stationery. I decided I would give it a chance (I had serious reservations about ordering online), and as fate would have it, stumbled upon Anna Griffin designs and found my dream invitation suite.

I didn't get a proof before ordering, so you can imagine how nervous that made me, but they arrived within five days and were gorgeous--we got loads of compliments! Not to mention, the cost of everything plus postage ended up being around $700--not too shabby! At the time, they were running a sale, so we got 20% off our order (they also happen to be running the same sale now through November 25, just FYI).

I would absolutely recommend this website--they have a great selection, and their customer service is awesome. They helped me with my order, and were very prompt to help me set up an additional insert card for accommodations, which was not an option on the website. And did I mention how quickly those suckers arrived?

Enjoy looking at these professional photos of our invitation--more last minute wedding detail posts are soon to follow!

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