Monday, November 26, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake

Finding a wedding cake was probably one of the most trying aspects of this wedding planning process. Apparently, there aren't very many options for wedding cakes down in my neck of the woods. Other than buying a wedding cake from the grocery store (which was tempting, believe me), we had two choices. The first stop was the Muffin Man Bakery. We arrived at our scheduled appointment, only to find out that there were no cake samples. Matt's anger was great over this cake tasting faux pas.

Later that day, we had an appointment scheduled with the only other wedding cake baker in town, Nancy's Fancy's. We showed up promptly for our 12:30 appointment, only to find the place locked up with no one in sight. My mom called her, and Nancy's response was "did we have an appointment today?" Yes, that happened. We ended up meeting again later that afternoon, and while her cake samples were excellent, I did not feel comfortable committing to a baker who was so unreliable.

Next, we went the route of "a friend of a friend who bakes cakes on the side." At first, this seemed promising. We had a great conversation on the phone, she sent me to her Facebook page so I could see pictures of her cakes, and then she sent me some pictures for inspiration. I was so excited--I had found the perfect person to bake our cake! Then, I never heard from her again.

Finally, I had my dad check out a bakery in Bristol, a town that is about 20 minutes away from Abingdon. Several people had recommended them, so I stalked their Facebook page and they looked legit. My dad gave his stamp of approval on the samples he tasted, and that was all I needed. At that point, I was not interested in pursuing other options--I very desperately wanted to check "find wedding cake" off my to do list. Unique Cakes and Catering was thus booked and I never looked back. (Well, I did look back once--last week I found out my cousin Lawrence, age five, offered to bake the wedding cake...where were you two months ago, Lawrence?! I would have gladly hired you.)

I'm sure Lawrence could pull of a design like this.

Have I mentioned how much I love the monogram and lace?

Yes, we are totes having a golf-themed groom's cake!
So far, Unique cakes has been a great choice--they return my phone calls promptly, and they've been really great with communicating through emails, since I live so far away and can't show pictures to them in person. I will make the final judgement call on December 8th, when I get to see and taste our cake.

The lesson here is to make sure you find a PROFESSIONAL. Someone who is not prepared for your scheduled appointment, or can't even remember scheduling an appointment, is clearly someone who you do not want to trust with your wedding day.

However, if a five year old offers to bake your cake--TAKE THE DEAL! There's no doubt it will be made with love.

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