Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Signature Drink

One of the better ideas that floats around the wedding category on Pinterest is that of a signature drink. I love the idea of incorporating a drink that fits in with the theme of the wedding, or is meaningful to the bride and groom. My mom loves this idea as well--and she's never quick to offer her stamp of approval, so you know it's gotta be good! 
via SMP
via SMP
Since purple is the main color of our wedding, we've been on the hunt for a drink recipe of that color (my mom is also really excited about this, she loves any and all things that are purple). However, that's not an easy task. Some recipes call for expensive ingredients (special types of liquor, lavender, adding mashed up fruit, etc), and some of the recipes just don't taste great. (And by not tasting great, I mean that we actually made the drink and it was not mom-approved--just not "fruity" enough.) 

Matt already came up with an adorably clever name, so a signature drink is definitely happening at our wedding. Any suggestions for a purple alcoholic drink would be greatly appreciated! 

p.s. You know I love surprises, so you are correct in assuming that the name of our signature drink will not be revealed until after the wedding. Sorry, Charlie.

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