Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Soundtrack to our Wedding

I am a music snob.

No, not really. It's my personal opinion that I can't claim Hipster status when it comes to my music choices (although Matt would claim otherwise). Most of the music I listen to is very mainstream. And by "mainstream," I mean that I hear it on the regular radio or satellite radio. However, because Sirius plays new music months before you hear it on the regular radio, I tend to fall in love with songs and artists long before they hit the top ten on iTunes, thus giving me the right to use the phrase "I liked them before they were popular."

That being said, I have been quite picky about what music will be played at our wedding. I debated for months on the songs we will use for key moments during our reception, and I constantly added to the "Do Not Play" list. Among those that will not be heard at our wedding is Beyonce's "Single Ladies," The Cha Cha Slide, and "Sweet Home Alabama." Mostly because they are overplayed, but also because these songs generally make me want to throw up, and we can't have the Bride vomiting all over her wedding gown (although I'm sure that would make me an instant YouTube sensation).

I will fill everyone in on our final music selections after the wedding. For now, here's a real treat--the video below is our first dance song! It is a popular first dance tune, and we have worked really hard on mimicking the costumes and choreography. We are very serious about this and we are not joking, not even the slightest. Enjoy!

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