Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Final Countdown

It's the Final Countdown!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before Matt and I say our vows and start the party, there are several last minute items on the list that must be accomplished. And by several, I mean a million! Here's just a sample:

1. Finish making ribbon wands
These wands are legit. We chose them as a nod to my love of Harry Potter, so you can cast spells with them (provided the ribbon wand chooses you). Of course, you can't use these ribbon wands for any of the Unforgivable Curses...duh! This is a wedding, not a showdown between the dark lord and the Chosen One!

2. Picture slideshow for reception
The most crucial part is choosing the right music. Nobody wants to watch a boring slideshow unless good music is involved.

The slideshow will confirm what everyone already knows--I was a weird kid.
3. Final meetings with vendors
Thursday's schedule is jam packed with these meetings--I had to make sure I included time for carb loading and hand holding.

4. Assemble gift bags
Shouldn't be too hard, right? Now that I've said that, this will probably be the most difficult thing to do.

5. Decorate
Totes not my job! I am very lucky to have several creative women in my family (mom included) to assist me with this. Good thing, because I have absolutely no more room in my head for additional to do lists--I've reached my limit!
One of many decor ideas.
6. Pack
This is probably a good idea. I think we will need clothes and stuff this weekend. Honestly, as long as I pack my wedding shoes, I will be good as gold. It seems that all of my wedding anxiety dreams involve me forgetting my shoes--I think I wrote down "pack shoes" on at least three separate to-do lists.

7. Hand everything off to my wedding coordinator, relax, soak it all in, and get married
I know I'll have trouble with this, but it will be a lesson in ignoring my iron clad need for control, and just giving it all up so I can completely enjoy our wedding weekend.

There it is! That's all that remains between Matt and I becoming husband and wife. I'm so absolutely ready to see all of our friends and family and celebrate this special day.

This is my final Wedding Wednesday post before TBD!!!! Don't forget to check out Joelle's blog and all the other link ups!

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  1. WOO!! You GO girl! You got this! It'll be GORGEOUS I'm sure and hopefully the weather will be wonderful and your day will be all you imagined and more! Good luck! I hope it's a wonderful and amazing day. Just remember to breath, know that things may NOT go your way or something may go wrong, but we live in a perfectly imperfect world and at the end of the day you'll be MARRIED!!!! What's better than THAT??!


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