Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Somewhere in my Memory

It's hard to believe it is almost Christmas. It seems like it was just yesterday that Matt and I were becoming husband and wife!

This year, Christmas was a little different. I have never, ever spent Christmas away from my family. Unfortunately, it just couldn't be avoided--both of us only get a few days off for the holiday, then it is back to work, since we need to save our vacation days for Costa Rica. That means there is no time for travel.

I have, at times, been quite sad about this. I'm a girl who holds fast to her holiday traditions, and all of a sudden everything I've remembered about Christmas is out the window. No more last minute shopping with my dad, or watching Christmas Vacation with the whole family at night. Christmas eve mass and visiting with old friends is out of the question, nor will we be traveling to Williamsburg the day after Christmas to spend time with extended family.

Despite all this, I have had a wonderful holiday. Matt and I have just started a new life together, and right away we get to start new Christmas traditions together. We love both of our families very much, and will always try to be with them on holidays, but for us we have to start looking towards the future, and not dwelling in the past. I will always look back on my Christmases past with love and fondness, and I can only hope that I can make future holidays with our family as special as my parents always made it for me.

Sorry to be so atypically sentimental. Matt just walked into the room to find my sobbing and watching clips from Love, Actually. So, for some holiday cheer, I will leave you with a clip from one of the best Christmas movies of all time. If this doesn't warm your heart, I can only assume you are a cold, unfeeling person, and probably a robot.

Merry Christmas.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog!! I hope your wedding was everything you dreamed of and more! The 99 list was alot of fun to keep up with, and now that I'm married, my husband and I just started a new one together today! Let me know if you end up doing a 99 list!!

    1. Our wedding was beautiful! We've barely had time to breathe between that and the holidays, but I think we will try to make time for a 99 list (or some sort of goal list) on our honeymoon. Can't wait to see how your all's list turns out!


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