Saturday, June 8, 2013

Six Months Later

Happy six month anniversary to myself and Matty! I just asked Matt if it feels like six months--he responded, "feels like a lifetime." I have to agree.

Feels like a lifetime since this happened.
Honestly, it feels like a lifetime because so much has happened to us in these past six months. And, since I've mostly been absent from blogging, you know NOTHING, Jon Snow. So, here is a recap of the first six months of our marriage:

1. Our family grew
Our family grew by three! In January, my brother and his wife welcomed Eleanor Valentina (Nora). Our first niece! YAY! She is a beautiful little baby with a full head of hair.

Can't get enough of this picture.

Next, in February, Matt and I welcomed Millicent Abigail Thomas into our household. She is a sassy goldendoodle who loves to cause us trouble. But, she is our sun and stars and we couldn't have asked for a better puppy. That's all I have to say about Millie, but better believe you'll be seeing Millie-centric posts in the future.

This was the day we brought her home. She was deceivingly calm.
Lastly, in April, Matt's sister and her husband had their first baby--Miss Charlotte Ashby! We were over the moon to have another adorable little niece to spoil, and we are also her godparents!

Barely two months old and she's already a model.

That's all the growing that this family will be doing for now. Trust me, we have our hands full with our impish little doodle.

2. We bought a house
Obviously, HUGE news. It's a condo-style townhouse that is still currently in the process of being built. If all goes well, we will be moving in three weeks!
Power couple takes a break from building their home with their bare hands

3. We suffered a heartbreaking loss
This was probably the defining moment of our six months of marriage: my grandma passed away at the end of March, seven years to the day that we lost Grandpa. It was completely unexpected; I will never forget the Friday afternoon when it happened and my world turned bleak. It is still hard to process, and we feel her loss every day--I am sobbing as I write this. Even though she lived a good distance away, she always made sure to be part of our lives. She had a difficult childhood, but you would never have known it by her strength, grace, and the love and dedication she showed for her family. Matt met my grandma about a month after we started dating, and the moment she saw us together she knew he was The One. In fact, after I told her the news of our engagement, her first words were, "I knew it!" I know that she is with Grandpa and Uncle Greg, watching over us with a gin and juice in hand. 

Grandma's reaction when she saw me in my wedding dress

We are so thankful Grandma was able to be there for our special day.

As you can see, we've encountered at least three years' worth of experiences into one six month period. Despite the stress and sorrow of the past few months, I feel that life with my best friend (and our baby doodle!) has been absolutely amazing, and I wouldn't trade it in for anything. We love and stand by each other through our best and our worst, and I think that's the most any marriage could hope for. 

Happy six months, Matty.

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