Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Signature Drink

Happy humpday friends! It’s Wednesday, so I hope you all remembered to wear pink. I didn't, so you know what that means:

Although our wedding was six months ago, Wedding Wednesday will continue to be a regular feature on the blog. I’ll update you all on the details of our wedding (which I know you've been on the edge of your seat for six months, just waiting to hear about it), as well as share other wedding tidbits I think you might enjoy. After all, weddings are like puppies—they’re beautiful and everybody loves them.
This puppy is ESPECIALLY beautiful and lovable. 
Today’s post is about our signature drink. If you are totally oblivious to wedding trends, let me lay it out for you: a signature drink is basically a special beverage that the bride and groom have requested to be served at the wedding. Typically, the drink either reflects their personality as a couple, or it may be something that matches the theme of the wedding. Some will serve the signature drink in place of an open bar, and some will do the open bar as well and just advertise the signature drink as another fun element in the reception.

Matt and I decided that we wanted—nay NEEDED a signature drink. We made this decision only because Matt came up with the cleverest name for our drink. Now, here is where I pause for dramatic effect…

A play on words using my maiden name.
Once Matt dreamed this up I knew it had to happen. So, the next step was picking the actual drink. My mom wanted us to serve a purple drink, to match our wedding colors, and she wanted it to be fruity. We eventually settled on a drink recipe I found called “Purple Rain.” It's basically vodka, cranberry juice, and blue curacao.  

I gave very detailed instructions for the bartender to play around with the cranberry and blue curacao, to make sure the drink turned purple, but the drinks ended up being bright blue. However, I thought it was quite tasty, and everyone got a kick out of it.

The bartender missed the memo on the signature drink. I had to point it out.
Any of you ladies and gents out there planning on a sig drink? I really do think it’s a great way to show off your personality—it doesn't even have to be alcoholic, if that’s your thing. Here are some other ideas for signature drinks around the interwebs:

  • Betsy’s signature drink sounds so delicious, I think I might have to give it a go myself for a little humpday treat.

  • Megan from Fried Green Pickles made the cutest straws for their SD.

  • PopChart Lab created this handy dandy guide showcasing the drinks of notable characters in pop culture. I think an art deco themed wedding definitely calls for a gin rickey.

  • Still feeling stumped over a sig drink? Martha will help.

Only two more days until the weekend; make your own SD and cruise on through.

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