Monday, July 29, 2013

Gettin' Weird with Millicent

Hello everyone! My name is Millicent Abigail Thomas, but you can just call me Millie. My parents have lots of names for me, and sometimes I'm not quite sure what IS my real name. These other names include: Mills, Millsicent, doodle, strudel, strudel doodle, little butterball, baby gigantor, sassy pants, rick, and rick roll.

I know my mom talks about me on here ALL. THE. TIME. I asked her not to write anything embarrassing, but you know how moms are! Finally, I just told her to let me do a guest post. I got a lot to say, and I know people are dying to hear my views!

Hello there. So kind of you to drop by. 
Here are some things you should know about me:
  1. I'm seven months old. 
  2. I started puppy school in May and I still haven't graduated. I'm just taking my time, figuring things out, ya know?
  3. I'm dating a chocolate lab named Maddox. You should see him--he's very athletic and super dreamy! We're doing the long distance thing right now and I'm not sure if we will last. I have got SO many suitors in our new neighborhood! There's Copper, Boz, Burton, BamBam--you get the idea. What's a girl to do?
  4. I LOVE going on walks--there are so many good things to eat out there! Mulch, clods of dirt, chicken bones, old dog poop, dead animals--the list is endless! My mom never lets me to eat these things--parents just don't understand!
  5. I am not a morning person--not at all. I would love to sleep in, but if I didn't get everyone up at 6:30am, how on earth would my parents make it to work on time?!?
  6. Like any doodle puppy, I've got my fair share of toys. My favorites include: Albert the Giraffe, Harold the Bear, Petri the Pterodactyl, and of course, my tennis ball. I'd like to take a moment for us to quietly remember my other toys that are no longer with us: Lydia Ladybug, Loofah, Roscoe Racoon, Snakey, Wubba, baby tennis ball, and the evil bunnies. (Here's a tip, fellow puppies: the goal is NOT to get all the stuffing out of your toy. As soon as that happens, your parents will take it away, never to be seen again, which is SO unfortunate, because stuffing tastes delightful!)
    Me and my trusty pal, Harold.
  7. Have you ever licked an armpit? I have. Did I like it? Let's just say I was intrigued. 
  8. I take a probiotic every day with my dinner, and I recommend you do the same. It's never too late to start improving your digestive health. 
  9. Sometimes, I'll lie down to rest on my doggie bed, then I think "what the heck are you doing, Millie?! You've got a perfectly good couch right there!" I have a good laugh, then I stare mournfully at my parents until they make room for me. 
  10. My favorite game is the gang's all here game. It's the best! 
    Gang's all here!

Well, that's all I have for you today, readers. Now, it's time for me to go rest--tomorrow is another busy day of eating, napping, walking, and following my parents around. I will be quite busy the next few weeks (I need to figure out how to get this cone off AND graduate from puppy school), but I hope you will stop by again soon for another segment of Gettin' Weird with Millicent!

Newest nickname: Coney Island.

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