Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let's Be Fashionable

Somewhere out there, there are five people who read the first version of this post, before I accidentally deleted it while attempting to fix the font. It was quite a disaster, and although I had part of the original post in a Word doc, I hadn't save the whole thing, which meant I needed to start from scratch. 

Anyway, here's the story: Matt bought me a new dress for our niece's baptism, I liked it, it made me feel pretty, so Matt took pictures of me wearing it to post on the blog. I don't know a lot about fashion or makeup or style or whatever, so whenever I put together an awesome outfit, I feel quite pleased with myself and just want to toot my own horn to the whole, wide world. 

Anyway, dear readers, here is my first outfit-related post, and I would of course appreciate feedback! (For example--more skinny elbow? Less skinny elbow? Should I start taking selfies in front of a bathroom mirror?) If I happen to learn anything about styling an outfit along the way, I will be sure to share it with you. (Here's a tip--throwing a cardigan on over a dress can instantly transform it to a wear-to-work outfit! I'm sure you're all rolling your eyes and saying "thanks Captain Obvious" right now). And now, I will stop rambling and share the thing you want most--pictures of my beautiful face. Enjoy!

WHOA! Hottie alert!

Please excuse the poor lighting and awkward holding of the handbag. I was trying to look trendy.
dress, bag: Kate Spade
belt: Target
shoes, watch: Michael Kors
sunglasses: Tory Burch

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