Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Treat Yo Self Tuesday

You know what I really love? Sangria. You know what I love more than sangria? A sangria slushie.

Matt and I first tasted these beauties at Prince Michel Winery, located off Rt. 29 in Leon, VA. I would highly recommend going to a wine tasting there--for $10 we sampled ten wines each AND these delightful little sangria and peach bellini slushies. Not to mention, they have an awesome gift shop and a fun little lounge area where you can challenge your husband to a rousing game of checkers.

We bought some mix so we could create sangria slushies of our own at home, but they were never the same. I thought about this over and over again, until I finally came to the conclusion that we needed to buy one of these:
Can you imagine all of the AMAHZING frozen drinks we could make with one of these babies?!?! Unfortunately, this would be a go-for-broke treat yo self--most of these machines run around $3000. However, I did find cheaper alternatives, such as this little gadget:

It runs about $100 and allegedly does the same thing, and is great for parties. Some of the reviews claim it to be cheap, which I can absolutely believe, since most of these knockoff machines typically don't last longer than  a few runs.

What do you all think? Has anyone ever bought one of these machines, and if so, how well does it work? Or, do you have any tips for making the perfect frozen beverage in your own blender? I would love to hear it, because my frozen drinks are typically a disappointment.

And remember, take some time today to TREAT YO SELF.

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