Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vacation Blues

The worst part of vacation is leaving vacation, amiright??

Seriously. I know I can't be the only one who gets miserably depressed when vacation is over. I guess it's just me and every other human being on the planet. Luckily, our sweet doodle was waiting for us when we got home, which eased the pain of having to face the real world.

Baby Gigantor
Despite missing Millie every day, we had a lovely vacation. The weather was mostly cooperative, we got to spend time with friends, and my skin no longer looks as if it has never seen the sunlight. All in all, a fairly successful vacay.

Highlights include:
1. Wearing a maxi dress for the first time EVER. (And looking really hot while doing so!)

2. Reading not one but two amazing books--The Lost Gate and The Gate Thief, by Orson Scott Card (definitely recommend it if you're into fantasy/magic/that sort of thing). 
3. Spending time with friends!

Love that I got to see my Big!
4. Pitchers of hurricanes (pictured above).
5. Trying an oyster shooter. More than once. I mean, you'd think I would have learned after the first time!

6. Convincing my dear husband to see The Heat, since he previously stated "I have absolutely no desire to see that movie." And guess what--he loved it! I loved it! EVERYONE loved it! Seriously, go see it so you don't have to wait for Redbox.

7. Eating a lot and drinking a lot and not even giving a second's thought to the calories.

8. Getting in touch with my heritage.

Direct descendant of Odin.
9. Shopping--can't wait to wear that beautiful, new Kate Spade dress that's hangin in my closet!

10. And my very favorite part of vacation? Spending it with my husband, DUH. You can vom all you want at that statement, but it is 100% true--a vacation without him would be BO-RING.

Power couple in love.
So it is back to the real world, but I've got my husband and my doodle, so I'll take the real world any day.


  1. Ahhhhhh I can't wait for my own vacations (<----- yes, plural) in the next few weeks! I could totally go for a pitcher of hurricanes too ;) Oh, and you have to show us your KS dress! I kind of have a Kate Spade problem... xoxo

    1. I am definitely going to do a photo shoot with my new dress! It's debuting this weekend for my niece/goddaughter's baptism. Very jealous of your multiple vacations, where are you going?


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