Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Favorite Photos

Wedding photos are obviously a big deal these days (thanks a lot, Pinterest), and I can't deny that I sent a two page typed list, as well as actual photos, to my photographer before The Big Day. How else will I remember my wedding when I'm old? (And by old I mean 38.)

Before I bombard you with photos of TBD, here are a few tips for doin' pictures right at your wedding:

  1. Do a first look, don't do a first look, WHATEVER. You and your fiance should decide what is right for you, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 
  2. Pinterest has definitely turned into a huge time-sucking monster, but don't let that stop you from browsing the wedding boards for picture ideas. Turn those into your photographer several weeks before the wedding--that way you have time to discuss the poses and how they will/will not work on the day of your wedding. Also, it will help things run smoother if your photographer already has an idea in mind of how you want people arranged--which means the faster you get to cocktail hour and the dance floor. 
  3. Have someone--your mom, your MoH, random lady off the street--with you while you and your spouse have your own little photo shoot. This person can help you rearrange your dress, hand over your lipstick, grab you a rum and know, whatever you might need in between takes. 
  4. If you're starting to plan your entire wedding around how the pictures will look, and whether it is pinterest-worthy or wedding magazine-worthy, then stop. Take a step back. Spend a week with your fiance and don't discuss a damn wedding-related thing. Your wedding is about the love between you and your sig other, not about whether or not we'll see it in the next issue of Martha. 
  5. Something will go wrong. So just let it happen and don't stress--trust me, you'll still have amazing photos, even if you somehow couldn't manage to nail that end-of-the-night, elevator-closing-on-kissing-couple picture.* (People just HAD to keep using the elevator!) 
It was SUPER hard to just pick ten, but fear not--there many, many more of our favorites that you will see scattered throughout future posts. Also, many, many thanks to our amazing photographers, Rick and Elizabeth of SoHo Photography. I would highly recommend them--they're great people, easy to work with, and they obvi take awesome photos. 

The Godfather.

My grandma passed away in March, so it made it that much more special that she was at our wedding. This was her reaction when she saw me in my dress for the first time. 

This was what we decided on for our first look. I will never forget seeing his face as I walked down the aisle. 

Definitely a favorite, and it was actually a last minute idea by our photographer.

This was posed and all, but I still love it, probably because the light in the background is all soft and blurry, which reminds me of December and Christmastime.

Jumping on the bed is a must for Home Alone fans.

Don't know where we are running off to, but we're doing it together.

This one is hanging as a 16x20 canvas in our new home.

My dad's first look--his exact words were "woohoo!" Classic!

Our fantastic photographer captured this. My hair is a WRECK but who cares? Got the love of my life  and we're dancing the night away.
*We actually got a cute picture of us in the elevator. It didn't make the cut this time, but better believe you'll be seeing it at some point. 

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