Tuesday, August 6, 2013

30 Things

Happy 30th birthday to the love of my life, Matty. T.! Yes, he is no longer in his twenties, and he has been having a bit of a crisis over that. Moping around a lot lately and lamenting about how "old" he is. I don't get it at all--hello! You are thirty, flirty, and thriving!

Apparently, being in your 30s is only appealing to fictional 13 year olds.
I can only hope that Matt is having the best day that he deserves. Unfortunately, he had to work today, but he gets to come home to a surprise dinner and some really awesome presents. In honor of Matt turning the big 3-0, here is a list of 30 things that I absolutely love about the birthday boy:

30. His dreamy eyes
29. The way he looks in a pair of aviators.
So. Hot.
28. That he gets up every morning to walk the doodle, just so I can have a few more minutes in bed.
27. He makes a mean hamburger. Boy can season some meat!
26. How he knows exactly what that 6:30pm, weekday phone call means, and he's not mad that I'm too tired to cook and will gladly pick up dinner on the way home.
25. He never complains when I get restless at night, even when I harshly whisper "move over!" or "hold me!"
24. The margaritas he makes for me when I've had a bad day, or when I just need a drink.

23. The way he is perfectly comfortable with sometimes just hanging out with my friends, even if he is the only guy.
22. His golf swing. He is one hot golfer.
21. Sometimes, if I'm having a bad day, he'll swing by my office to bring me Starbucks or a #8 from Taco Bell.
20. He doesn't judge me for loving Hannah Montana, or other terrible pop music.
19. His talent in athletics. Who knew I would one day marry a jock?

Just don't ask him to go kayaking.
18. The fact that he loves Home Alone and the Sandlot as much as I do, and can quote it with me all the time.
17. He knows everything there is to know about sports, but doesn't mind that I am completely clueless about the subject.
16. His arm muscles. Oh boy do I love a man with a nice set of arm muscles.
15. He has extremely good taste when it comes to picking out gifts for me. He knows me so well (he also knows he can't go wrong with anything Kate Spade).
14. The time we went for a run, and the way he supported and encouraged me every step of the way (literally), and never tried to run ahead when I was slow, nor would he get impatient when I wanted to walk.
13. It is SO easy to tickle him. Just go for the foot and watch him jump out of his seat.
12. The way he genuinely laughs at my jokes.
11. The way he takes care of our doodle.

Daddy/Millie bonding time.
10. We've been together for over two years, and somehow he is still not tired of me!
9. He loves everything I cook, even when I'm thinking it's not that great.
8. He never gets impatient with me when I'm cranky or anxious--just talks me through whatever is bothering me.
7. How he tells me I'm beautiful and absolutely means it, even when I've rolled out of bed and look like a train wreck.
6. The fact that he was so excited to be wearing a wedding ring.
5. Even though our wedding was almost eight months ago, he still gets giddy over getting to call me his wife.
4. The way he proposed to me was more perfect than I could have imagined.
3. I see the way he treats our niece, Charlotte, and know that he is going to be an amazing father.

She loves her Uncle Mamo!
2. He's always encouraging me to follow my dreams--he believes in me, even when I don't believe in myself.
1. The way he looks at me everyday--that one look communicates how much he loves me and how he continues to feel so lucky that we found each other.

Did I make you vomit yet? Well, just relax, because these are things that need to be said. There are an infinite number of qualities I love about my husband, but I tried to narrow it down to 30 for the sake of brevity (and because it's his 30th birthday, duh).

Matt, you are the greatest husband I ever could have asked for, and I'm so blessed to be spending my life with you. I hope you have the greatest birthday, and I can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you.

Here's to being thirty, flirty, and thriving.

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