Friday, August 2, 2013

Confessional Friday: Terrible Television Edition

I obvi can't get enough of A Blonde Ambition's Confessional Friday posts. I ESPECIALLY could not resist today's topic, silly/trashy television shows.

I'm no stranger to low quality television--I mean, this is the girl who eagerly awaits the return of Pretty Little Liars (PLL) in between seasons. However, as with most guilty pleasure tv, there is still a large following, so you don't have to feel completely embarrassed for loving something so terrible.

This is not the case for The Vineyard.

Matt and I are probably the only people in the world who love watching The Vineyard. It has absolutely no redeeming qualities about it, but that doesn't stop us from tuning in every week. We just find every interaction hilarious--it's obvious all the situations are set ups, and it looks like the poor kids can't even say their lines with a straight face.

Matt's theory is they recruited a bunch of models to be in the show, which would explain a lot.
Just in case you've never watched the show, let me break it down for you.

A group of twenty somethings are all working together at Martha's Vineyard, and the majority (minus the characters who are locals) are living in the same house. Boys and girls living together? You better believe there is love drama. I'm sure the creators of the show thought, "why have one love triangle when you can have five?" You see, Jonathan put the moves on Katie, who allegedly has a boyfriend back home, but Lou obvi likes Katie and now hates Jonathan and they have halfhearted fights against each other down at the docks that go something like this:

Lou: "Hey. Stay away from Katie."
Jon: "Don't tell me what to do. Katie is not your girl. Oh, hey, don't put your hand on me."
*Lou kind of pushes Jon, but it looks more like a playful shove a girl might give a guy to be flirty.*

Then their manager breaks up the sissy fight, we hear some dramatic music, AND SCENE.

Are you following me? There's more. 

Cat is a local and has fights with her mom in just about every scene the two appear in together. Cat has history with another local, Ben, who apparently "got kicked out of the Coast Guard." Isn't it serious business to get kicked out of any military branch? No, it's not serious business and Ben is the victim here and don't you forget it! Also, Ben now hates Cat because he thinks she leaked his secret about the Coast Guard. 

Cat is training Sophi for work at the restaurant, but we learn right away that Cat hates Sophi--probably because they have some sort of history, right? Wrong. Cat hates Sophi because she perceives her to be a pretty little rich girl, who has never worked a day in her life. Cat thinks that is totally not fair, she's been working since she was 13 and "actually needs the money!"

Sophi is now hooking up with Ben, which she may not have done if she realized he had history with her #1 frenemy. Or, maybe she would have done it anyway, I don't know these people. Regardless, Cat now really hates Sophi, and all I can think is "why would you be interested in someone who gets kicked out of the military? Have some standards!"d

There's also Emily who is your standard gold-digging, trophy wife wannabe, and Jackie, who has a crush on Lou and tries to communicate that to him in the most desperate ways possible.

Those are pretty much the power players of The Vineyard. Have I won you over yet? Please start watching--I'm this close to starting a Twitter account just so I can live tweet all the awful, hilarious things that go on in the show. Whatever you do, don't judge (I feel like I say that a lot on this blog lately).

Ben somehow ended up being described as the "silent heartthrob," which is a little hard to believe. 

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