Monday, August 19, 2013

Just Another Music Monday, V.5

I am totally late to the party on this one (not usually the case when it comes to music), but oh my heavens, have you listened to The Blessed Unrest?!?!

I finally got around to downloading it last week and kicked myself for not doing so sooner. I've basically been listening to it on repeat since then--at work, in the car, taking a bubble bath--it's all I'm listening to right now.

This is quite possibly my favorite Sara B. album yet. I've loved her music since 2007, when I first downloaded "Love Song" when it was the free single on iTunes (yes, I liked her BEFORE she was popular, thankyouverymuch). I think this album delivers just the right amount of hope and heartache without being excessive.

Don't judge this album if all you've ever heard are SB songs on the radio. You know how that is--they play the most easily likable song from the album, AND then they make sure they beat it into the ground enough so that NOBODY likes it. So for today's Music Monday, here's a playlist of all of my favorite Sara B. songs. If you've never been a fan before, hopefully this will change your mind (I'm including a few that are duets, such as one with Ingrid Michaelson, who is my absolute FAVORITE).


  1. I absolutely love Sara Bareilles! I preordered her album, and have been listening to it nonstop since July. I'm so bummed that I missed her and Taylor Swift play last night in LA too! I'm going on Saturday, but who knows who T. will bring then. Last night would have been an amazing show!

    1. I know!! I saw that on Facebook this morning and was so jealous! I just found out the other day that SB is coming to DC...really hoping to get tickets!


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