Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Treat Yo Self Tuesday

I need fall to arrive. I can smell that beautiful season's approach in the evening, as the days become shorter and cooler, and the crickets start making a racket. I've been feeling sad and moody lately, and I mostly attribute this it being the end of summer. Every August without fail, I start feeling a little melancholy and nostalgic. I think this is because growing up, I always wanted my summer to turn into a screenplay for a coming-of-age movie. Think The Sandlot meets The Goonies meets Now and Then. Now THAT would have been an amazing summer! I think the closest I ever came was the summer of '96. I went to Disney World for the first time that summer, and I also spent many nights with friends running around barefoot, chasing lightning bugs and playing hide and seek in the dark. While that summer didn't quite come close to being on the run from criminals and searching for treasure, it was still pretty good.

Enough. We are getting a little too serious for a TREAT YO SELF post. One reason I want fall so badly is because I want to shop so badly. I want to take my credit card and just run it up with all things fall--boots, scarves, handbags--you name it, I probably covet it.

As much as I want to go on a wild shopping spree, my adult, rational self will probably take over and I will just admire these items from afar. However, I might just have to pull a TYS and get at least one of these little beauties:
Hello beautiful Tory Burch satchel. How would you like to come live with me?
I pulled a classic "If Then" scenario with Matt yesterday: "If I accomplish such and such this fall, will you buy me a briefcase?" He said yes. I then told him exactly which briefcase my little heart desires. No take backs!

Next on the list:

Nothing like a rose gold watch to class up your wardrobe!
Ladies, if you don't have a Michael Kors watch, go TYS to one of these classic timepieces. SERIOUSLY. I mean, you could roll out in your sweats and still look graceful if you've got one of these adorning your wrist. I already have an MK watch, but you know, never hurts to have a backup watch, right?

Let's get some shoes:
Yes, please, and thank you.
These awesome boots were recommended by Pinterest Told Me To. Well Scheaffer, if you INSIST that Pinterest thinks these boots are important, then okay, I will go buy them immediately.

Saving the best for last:

I love everything about this.
I've been hearin' through the grapevine that leather is going to be a thing this fall. So, we should all head to Anthro and buy this jacket. I mean, who knows how long leather will still be cool, but you can always break it out at your local biker bar, amiright!?

I fully realize most of these products are on the pricey side, but this ain't called Treat Yo Self Tuesday for nothin! Lucky for all of us, Joelle at Something Charming is hosting a giveaway for a $50 Anthro gift card. What are you waiting for? Go enter!

I should also note that I have a terrible shopping problem, so the items above are just a small sampling of the billion things I actually have got eyes on. Like I said, I'm a rational adult (most of the time), so you won't see me sinking into credit card debt anytime soon.

What will you TREAT YO SELF to for the upcoming fall season?


  1. I just bought my leather jacket a few weeks ago! Can't wait for it to be cool enough to wear it :) And thanks for the shout out Kate! xo

  2. Of course, any time! I already have a faux leather jacket I got at TJ Maxx, but I basically want that entire outfit from Anthro!


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