Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: The Video

Today's Wedding Wednesday post is very near and dear to our hearts. One thing I so desperately wanted to include in our wedding was a videographer. I know that may seem excessive to some people, but let me tell you--there are few things I love more in this world more than a good movie trailer. Matt can attest that I will get REAL RICK if I don't get to the theater in time to see the previews. I just love the way all the key moments of a movie are tied together with some awesome music playing in the background. Most of the time, I find the trailer to be better than the movie itself.

Anyway, in the midst of wedding planning I started checking out videographers and their work. Most videographers (the good ones, anyway) create a highlight video that is basically edited like a movie trailer. Just like that, I was in love. I couldn't imagine a more magical way to rehash our special day than by watching all of the special moments built into a three minute, emotionally packed video.

Unfortunately, most videographers were wayyyy out of our budget, unless we wanted to pay someone to stay in one spot with a camera the entire night. Then, one day, I had a stroke of brilliance (simliar to most of my great wedding planning moments) and contacted a girl I went to summer camp with back in the day. She had experience in producing films, and she and her partner were willing to record and edit our wedding for a reasonable price.

MAJOR THANKS to Brittany and her partner, Jonathan. They did an awesome job and we now have this beautiful video to look back on all the years ahead.

Wedding Trailer from Katie&Matt Thomas on Vimeo.

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