Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Day Thoughts, Pt. 2

I am linking up again with Something Charming for another edition of Wedding Wednesday. This week, Wedding Day Thoughts is back with a special guest post from the one and only Matty T!

Something Charming

Hello friends! I know what everyone is thinking--I just ripped off Jim Nance's intro line welcoming patrons to The Masters on CBS Sports. Okay, unless you are a golf fanatic like myself you probably don't get that reference. Much like I don't get half the references dropped on the recently cancelled and highly underrated television series Happy Endings...but I digress.

When Katie asked me to make a guest post on her blog I was thrilled! Yes, my first installment was a huge hit, but this one is going to be #EPIC. As my beautiful wife would put it - "I had a totes brill The Vineyard-centric idea accompanied with a list of the top 10 worst TV shows in history." Yes, I watch The Vineyard with my wife... AND I LOVE IT! Nothing makes me laugh harder than watching this train wreck of a television series. Every time we sit down to watch I want to put 30 seconds on the clock and say as many funny things that come to my mind. I yearn for the quality shows of my childhood to re-up for a comeback season. Bring me Saved By The Bell - The Married Years or Hanging with Grandpa Cooper. Every time I watch reality television these days it makes me want to punch a pretentious and/or roided out 20 something in the face. All I really want is to partner up with Daniel...put 30 seconds on the clock and say as many funny things that come to our minds! Am I right? Tosh--Love you bro!
And with that... we thank you!
 But seriously... I do love The Vineyard.

And with that let me transition into my actual reason for posting.  The top 10 things I was thinking on our wedding day.

And without further adieu -

10.  Does my hair look alright? Ha! The joke is on you guys as my little 4 month old niece has more hair than me!
But I do have her beat in the facial hair category!
9.  Make sure you remember to put on deodorant!

8. Make sure all groomsmen are where they are supposed to be... when they are supposed to be! This never turned into a problem, but things may have gotten sticky if I had strategically left a bottle of Crown Royal laying around.

The usual suspects.
7. Make sure none of my groomsmen hit on any bridesmaids that currently had boyfriends!   Thankfully this never happened, however I did hear that a bridesmaid propositioned the brother of my best man. You know who you are.

6. Make sure breath mints are easily accessible at all times.

5.  Will I have to get into any physical altercation with former boyfriends who show up and confess their love to Katie?

4. Remember the box step and try to hold my own on the dance floor.

True romance.
3. Try not to think about remembering the box step and how terrible I'm going to look dancing!

2.  Breakfast in bed the next morning!
**Note from the bride: We did not actually have breakfast in bed because, unfortunately, Crackerbarrel does not have a delivery service. 

And the number one thing that crossed my mind on our wedding day -

1.  That I get to marry my best friend, my soulmate and the most incredible woman in the world!

Yes - This was as incredible as it seems!
Until next time!



  1. nice post MR Nance. Digging the baseball bat pic!

  2. They cancelled Happy Endings!? oh no

    1. They did! So tragic. But maybe it was for the best? This way the show will always be remembered as awesome, instead of maybe being awesome for three seasons then going downhill after that. We'll never know.


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