Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Adventures: A Reunion

I NEVER do two posts in one day, but looks like you are getting a special treat today! During my middle/high school years, I was quite active in my church youth group, and each year we had a spring retreat at Hungry Mother Park. There were four of us who stayed in the same cabin with our youth group leader, Patti. For some reason or another, we called ourselves the "Pink Lady-z," (pronounced as "ladies," obvi, but don't ask me how we came up with that brilliant idea).

The retreats kept on going once I graduated (they managed to bravely go on without me), and though we've all stayed in some contact over the years, we've never really been all together again in the same place. Well, that changed when I had a stroke of brilliance and planned a reunion for us all to get together. (If you haven't figured it out yet, that reunion happened this past weekend).

It was bittersweet when the weekend came to a close, but we're already planning for next year, and we're planning a tropical vacation for the five year reunion.

Highlights include:

-Locking myself out of the house just before everyone arrived.
Matt had to rescue me. Don't judge me--I knew it would happen eventually. You can, however, judge me for locking myself out AGAIN that same weekend, after everyone left on Sunday. 

-Riding the ferris wheel at the county fair and being completely terrified.
Look, I LOVE roller coasters and amusement parks and it is so rare that I get scared of an amusement park ride. Fair rides are a different story. These things are assembled, unassembled, and transported all around the country from week to week. We thought a ferris wheel was a safe bet, but that thing moved was fun but we were relieved to be back on solid ground. 

-Getting lost on the back roads of Loudoun County. 
The sad thing is, I was the one driving. I mean, this is my home now, can't I find a single historical place without getting completely and utterly lost? Okay, so it wasn't that bad, we just missed the entrance because there was a sign that said "delivery entrance." That sign was sending mixed messages! So of course we kept on going because we weren't making deliveries, and then all of a sudden we were on a gravel road, and my gps told me to take a turn and keep going, so we kept going. Finally, I said "okay, we're going to pull into this driveway so this guy behind me can pass me, then we will turn around and go back." Well, it would have been a good plan, except I happened to turn into the very driveway that belonged to the guy behind me. Luckily, he was a very kind person, waited for me to turn my car around, then gave me instructions for how to get to where we were going. 

-Wine tasting
Not a youth group approved activity back in the day, but when you're all over 21, anything goes! (Well, anything as long as it is legal.)

Missing our other Pink Ladies member, Elizabeth!
-Coming up with a winning campaign for Patti's bid for pastoral council. 
"Do you like wine? Patti does too! Do you love Jesus? Patti does too!"

-Sitting around at home, drinking wine, eating pizza, and rehashing many, many memories
Many embarrassing stories were revealed during this time, but it was absolutely the best part of the trip.

It was an amazing weekend spent with amazing women--and I can't wait for the next one!

(I also can't wait to see more pictures from this weekend--Patti was the official photographer, and she is about to get weekly reminders from me to get those pictures shared!)

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