Thursday, September 19, 2013

Claim to Fame

Did you know that I am famous?

Well, actually, I'm not. However, this one time I met a famous person, and isn't that close enough?

The year was 2007. A few of my friends were going to SpringFest at Longwood, and I decided to tag along because not only was Carbon Leaf going to be there, but also the infamous Bubba Sparxx. Ya'll remember him?
Confession: Did not realize he was white.
Since "Ms. New Booty," was my jam from the previous summer, I knew I had to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

We left early--and by that, I mean we left around 9am. What? It was college and the night before was my 20th birthday! I drank rum for the first time and beat the living daylights out of a pinata.

Sorry bout it, Sancho.
Anyway, we arrived in time for the early act. She was a young musician who was just starting to pick up steam through her MySpace page, and although I had never heard of her before that day, I was hooked the moment she did a cover of Beyonce's "Irreplaceable."

After her performance, we stood in line for no longer than 30 minutes, which was enough time for me to buy her debut album. She was super kind and autographed it for me, and even took a picture with us.

These days, I believe she has gained some popularity among certain circles. Perhaps you've heard of her--her name is Taylor Swift.

To the left, to the left
Surprisingly enough, we did not become best friends, but I have the picture to prove that I met Tay Tay, and can brag about it to random people when the mood strikes me.

One of the nicest people I've ever met!
And in case you're wondering, I missed the Cali Park Bubba Sparxx performance. I spent the afternoon taking a nap in the backseat of my friend's Camry because I had the feve (fever). Crohn's Disease, what can ya do?


That's not the only famous person I've rubbed elbows with! I've also met Ingrid Michaelson. This was perhaps more exciting for me, since I love her more than I love Taylor. If you've never been to an Ingrid concert, put it on your bucket list to go. She is an amazing musician and fills in the gaps between songs with witty repertoire.

Jealous? I'm sure there are many out there who have their own famous people pictures, so by all means, go ahead and one up me, I won't be mad! Promise.

Much love,



  1. That's pretty awesome!! even if there wasnt booty booty booty rocking everywhere! She looks the same still, except for the straight hair. You could get away with saying it was last year!

    1. I know! I'd say the only difference is that her style has evolved a little more from wearing sundresses and cowboy boots.


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