Friday, September 27, 2013

Confession Friday

This has been one nightmarish, hellish week and I am SO glad to see it end.

Okay, so maybe that was a bit dramatic. But this week has consisted of 12 hour workdays, restless nights, and one poor little sick doodle.

Bless her heart.
Needless to say, I am quite pleased to see the weekend.

Despite my histrionics, lack of sleep, and anxiety over my dog's health, I have been feeling pretty upbeat this week. Let me tell you why:

1. My dear husband got a raise this week. Do you know what that means?

Just kidding, it actually means we will pour more money into savings, because we are fiscally responsible adults.

But maybe I will peruse the sale section of the Kate Spade website. Just in case. 

2. My husband, MattyT777, had some additional exciting news this week, but for now we will keep that under wraps until it happens. Let's just say it has something to do with flying up to Bristol, Connecticut.

3. Haim's debut album is going to be released on Monday! Ya'll KNOW how I feel about new music. Bonus--you can stream the whole thing right now on NPR!

4. I've been very pleased with my progress on Candy Crush this week. I'm on level 271! I don't know if I should be proud or sad.

5. I sent off three more letters for my Lettered Letters project; so, that brings my total to a whopping FOUR letters! Only 96 to go!

6. I'm really excited about this print I ordered from Crystal Faye's shop. It's going to go in my guest bathroom, because doesn't everybody like to think of mimosas as they take care of business?

Get it here.
p.s. Helene is hosting a giveaway for a mug & gift card from Crystal Faye, AND she has a code for 15% off!

7. I still can't get over pictures from my precious niece at her baptism last weekend. Still a little sad we couldn't be there (they live in FL), but at least I have these pictures to keep me going!

Both pictures courtesy of this guy, Nora's Uncle Johnny
8. This was actually last week, but I'm still giddy over the stationery I ordered from Sugar Paper. Totes adorb, AND they even included a handwritten note, thanking me for my order.

You're welcome, Meredith.
9. After starting the season with a loss, and a less-than-stellar performance against Marshall, VT finally pulled it together and clinched a W over GT last night. It's too soon to tell what the rest of the season will bring, but for now we will bask in the glow of sweet victory.
Celebrating a Hokie touchdown, circa 2007.
10. I got two new Twitter followers this week! Way to be Kate, way. to. be.

11. Lastly, this video from Funny or Die:

That's it for today, dear readers! What has made you happy this week?

Much Love,



  1. It's legal for me to envy you on Candy Crush , I am all stuck at level 33 fo weeks.

  2. uum, 1. I love Haim. 2. I love you for that Rreat Yo Self gif

    1. Haha, thank you! I cannot resist a good Parks and Rec gif, ESPECIALLY if it involves Tommy Fresh!


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