Friday, September 6, 2013

Confessions for Friday

Friends, for some reason this four day work week has felt like an eternity. I'm relieved the weekend is finally here (well, almost). Today is another Confessional Friday, brought to you by A Blonde Ambition.

- I confess that I am still surprised every time I see Zac Efron in a serious movie. I never would have guessed that a graduate from the Disney School of Acting would go on to take a role in a drama centering around Kennedy's assassination. That movie, by the way, is called Parkland and it looks awesome. Not only does it feature our beloved basketball star Troy as the surgeon who was faced with saving Kennedy, but it also stars Paul Giamatti. That's right, you heard me, Paul-Totally-Underrated-Giamatti. Now get thee to the theater (when it's released in October).

- Speaking of movies, I confess I am also excited for Ass Backwards. Let me give you a sampling of just a few of the awesome people who are in this movie: Penny, Better Call Saul, Cher Horowitz, and Mac's mom from Always Sunny. Need I say more?

Yes Penny, I agree--it will be AH-MAH-ZING.
- I confess that I am sitting here, constantly sniffing my wrist. I bought some makeup at Nordstrom the other day and got a free perfume sample, and it is AHMAHZING. It's called Peony & Blush by Jo Malone, and I seriously cannot stop smelling it. Good thing it's just me and the doodle in here, otherwise I sure would look like a weirdo.
$60 for 1 oz? TREAT YO SELF!

- The weather here has been ever-so-slightly less hot and humid this week, and I must confess, it makes me giddy.

- I confess I cannot deal with buying concert tickets. What is up with that, America? I feel like tickets are sold out before I can barely type in the code for the pre-sale. I mean, what do I need to do, start being real hipster about this and see bands before they're popular, in a basement with like, ten other people? I don't think I have it in me.

- We are having a Halloween-themed housewarming party and confession--I am THE WORST at picking out costumes. I always put it off until the last minute and then throw something together out of items that are on hand. My go to costume is Lizzie Borden, because I feel like all that needs is a dress and an axe, but I might need something a little more topical for this party.

- Lastly, I confess that I've been having lots of moments of ulcer-inducing anxiety this past week. And every time that happens, I think about this beautiful life I have, and it makes me feel at peace.

Gang's all here!

Happy Friday! What's on your agenda for the weekend?


  1. One: L-O-V-E that you referred to Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz. I feel like the day is coming soon that you'll drop that name or mention Clueless to a teenage girl and she'll have no idea who you're talking about. Oh so sad.

    Two: I'm kind of a perfume-a-holic, so you've got me curious about that Jo Malone scent. I'll have to drop by Nordstrom sometime soon and have a sniff test. :)

    (Stopping by from Leslie's blog - your blog is adorable!)

  2. Thank you, Ryan!
    One: My children will surely know the meaning of the words "As if!"

    Two: I'm a perfume-a-holic too--I seriously already have too many scents. But I love this one so much and might have to just add it to my Christmas list.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Zac Efron is all grown up!! I saw him in a serious movie (can't remember what) and he was really good. I was impressed. My 4 day week didn't feel very short either but at least it's almost over. Have a good weekend!


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