Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Dabor

Happy Labor Dabor! I hope everyone had better things going on than sitting on a cooler by the stick, saying stuff to people who walk by.

Music Monday will take a break today, in honor of Labor Dabor, and because I am WAY behind on blog posting because of our super fun weekend.

What made our weekend super fun, you may ask? Well, LOADS of things. Here's a little photo recap of all the fun that was to be had at the Thomas household this weekend.

On Saturday, we went to a little event in Leesburg called Epicurience--named so because it intended to be an "Epic Experience," and it certainly delivered on that promise. Matt and I bought VIP tickets (because Power Couples go big or go home), and it was amazing. There were local wineries and local restaurants galore with the most delightful wines and foods to sample to your hearts content. And boy...did we ever! I think I am still recovering from all the rich food and wine we had that day. As VIPs, we were entitled to better bathrooms, on site parking, and couches to throw ourselves on when we needed to recharge. Oh, and all the reusable wine bags we could handle:

Heading home with all of our SWAG!
Bonus: I was wearing a super cute outfit, which I will be sure to blog about later this week.

You might be thinking "Okay, but your three day weekend peaked at that festival. What else could you possibly do to top that?"

Oh, I can top that. Just take a look at this face:

That little angel happens to be my niece, Nora. She lives in Florida but found a sweet deal on plane tickets, so she packed her bags and took off to see her Aunt Kate and Uncle Matty.

Are you seeing this face?!?! Because I am seeing it, and I can't handle it. CAN. NOT. She is going to be such a looker...AND she is basically a genius! Take a look:

She is already reading all about rocket science--she'll probably be ready to build her first time machine by the time she starts school.

Matt and I are also very proud of our doodle. She did very well with Nora, and Nora was enthralled with Millie--I mean, it's not every day you see a stuffed animal come to life!

Not the best picture, but Nora is trying to grab that doodle's fur.
Throughout all of this excitement, we got to spend time with my brother and his wife, and we got to see some great friends from college as well (Alison, I'm sorry I failed at getting you some man attention, I promise I will do better next time).

Family, friends, a strudel doodle, good food, good wine--all in all, it was a successful Labor Dabor.

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