Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Treat Yo Self Tuesday

And we're back, with the BEST DAY OF THE WEEK!! (Well, the best day other than Friday. And Saturday.)

I feel ya, Tommy Fresh. 
That's right, Treat Yo Self Tuesday has returned and it's time to get down to business. This week's edition was inspired by a question Matt asked me over the weekend, "Kate--what do you want for Christmas?"

I had no answer for him. Back in the day, I would have my Christmas list ready to go as soon as the Sears catalog arrived in the mail. These days, I don't plan so far ahead. I mean, I can't tell three months in advance what I should strategically place on my Christmas list. Will I need a new frying pan? Anything needed for the house, maintenance-wise? What about wool socks?

As you get older, Christmas lists become less and less about a pink powerwheels jeep and more about the things you need.

But remember, what's our motto around here? Say it with me:

In the spirit of TYS, here are a few things I'm adding to my Christmas list that are neither wool sock nor pajama related.

1. This Harry Potter hardcover boxed set.
It may surprise you to know I don't own the entirety of the HP series. I believe all the books are still hanging out at my parents' house, but about half of them belonged to my oldest brother and the last few belonged to me. My parents have had a few remodels on the house, so who knows where those books could possibly be. That's why it's probably best that someone (Matt) buys me the whole set in its entirety. I mean, hellloooo--it comes in this magical looking trunk! I'm sold!

Images via Barnes and Noble

2. Harry Potter DVD set
Speaking of my former Facebook husband HP, how about all of the DVDs on blu ray?

Yes Target, don't mind if I do.

3. Clothes/Shoes/Accessories
I don't need any of the above, but I'm sure in a pinch I could find one or two items that would make a great gift.

4. New bedroom furniture
I'm still operating with the $25 flea market dresser that is painted in every color of the rainbow. Cool for college, not so cool for a sophisticated adult (and I AM sophisticated, I tell you!).
p.s. It's also kind of shoddy and falling apart, so that's the real reason. I'm not dumb, I know I could just repaint the thing!

5. A trip out west
I just want to go to San Francisco, wine country, Seattle, and Vancouver. Is that too much to ask?

Image via
That's all I have for today, friends. Always remember...

clothes. fragrances. mimosas. massages. fine. leather. goods.


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