Thursday, October 31, 2013

Someday I Will

Happy Halloweenie! I wrote this entire post then realized I didn't mention Halloween at all. I guess since we had our super, duper successful party last Saturday, I kind of assumed Halloween was over. So, here is a picture of a creepy tree, and that's all the Halloween you'll get from me today.

 photo 827e02be-ac0a-4353-bb73-9af8b7911a90_zpsaeffb1c4.jpg

Someday, I will make it to a link-up party on time. Taylor had this great topic planned for yesterday, and I was TOTALLY going to join in at the right time, but then sometimes you have to be an adult and go to a conference for work and tune out social media all day. Then, you get home and you have to continue to be an adult, and clean the kitchen, make dinner, pack the lunches, and throw on a load of laundry. So that's that.

I'm going to stop rambling now and get right to the point.

The Daily Tay

Someday I will...

- Write a novel AND get it published.

- Have 200 followers on GFC or Bloglovin.

- Have children.

 photo 527b2433-fc9e-4121-80a8-cf5e75a55800_zpsefbd966d.jpg
Not mine, but isn't he a cutie?
 - Make a butterscotch pie from scratch.

- Throw a dinner party using the nice china.

- Have my own cooking show.

- Volunteer on a regular basis.

 photo ecefcfc8-0124-4322-b5ea-b0a2c4fb13e4_zps94373b63.jpg
Not actually volunteering in this picture, but you get what I mean.
 - Host SNL.

- Travel to Norway and meet my relatives.

- Read all of the Classics. Okay, most of the Classics.

 photo ca359bba-458d-41c1-8e59-5c63df8b52a3_zps009f066b.jpg
Brighty of the Grand Canyon, DEFINITELY a classic.
 - Have a working knowledge of HTML.

- Take a calligraphy class.

- Own a boutique.

 photo 6fa836d8-b65c-4f77-be95-d486c7e48071_zps8da3f6aa.jpg
I could sell anything.
With any to-do list, I always like to start with the most manageable item. So, I'm going to see about making that butterscotch pie, because that sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Happy almost-Friday, friends.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Loudoun Love: Blue Ridge Grill

It's been too long since I've given you a taste of what Loudoun has to offer (pun intended!), so today I'm going to make you drool like crazy while I tell you about Blue Ridge Grill.

BRG is definitely one of our top spots for brunch (and dinner ain't too shabby, either). First of all, they bring you a complimentary basket of funnel cake sticks. Yes, that's right, FUNNEL CAKE sticks. I promise you, these are nothing like your typical county fair funnel cake. These beauties are lightly dusted with cinnamon and sugar, and there's just enough to hold you over until your main course, but not too much that you want to throw up.

I wish I could show you a picture, but we always demolish them before we can even think of Instagram.

Next, their bartenders always mix the drinks to perfection. My personal favorite is the BRG belinni; Matt is more of a margarita kind of guy.

 photo dbdefc38-8634-4aa0-aab1-2f96991e1ba8_zps9ec10637.jpg
A few of these and you'll be trying to take a nap in the booth!
Once the main course arrives, I don't even blink--I tear into it like I've never seen food in my life! Hence, I have no pictures, but I promise you the grilled cheese on texas toast with bacon and tomato looks and tastes as delicious as it sounds.

And don't even get me started on the french fries. Shoestring is my favorite type of fry, and BRG NAILS it every time.

Lastly, you can get something like this for dessert:

 photo e56f2a70-12a1-43a0-a3d4-b097d87b3b70_zps2a62c49b.jpg
I literally couldn't move after I ate this, but I had zero regrets.
 No worries if you visit me and we can't make it for brunch--we'll just hit up the 1/2 price wine night.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Treat Yo Self

It's about time we discussed Fine. Leather. Goods.

If you're ever thinking "I really want to treat myself but don't know where to start," then by all means, start here. You cannot go wrong with some fine leather goods (or fine vegan leather goods, if that's your thing). Let me offer up some suggestions to help you out (Matt, consider this a Christmas list). You're welcome.

I still want this beauty to be mine:
 photo 20ae7ad3-78c9-4312-b78c-0f4d26918665_zps76b964ed.jpg
Tory Burch Robinson Satchel
If you want to be the trendiest person on the plane (because don't we all?), then make sure you've got one of these in your arsenal:

 photo 2f49dd25-7ada-44ad-bcc7-605bad49ffbe_zps95a725f2.jpg
From what the fashion mavens tell me (like Fizz and Frosting and Karly Kim), this fall is all about leather. So do yourself a favor and buy this drool worthy skirt from Anthro:
 photo a04b2340-b5d0-4b06-90c4-ea2453e5c2f0_zps18fde285.jpg
We all need a pair of leather Italian pumps:
 photo f3d14c45-a90c-4505-b486-893a5a88af3a_zps4760ef0b.jpg
Prada at Neiman Marcus 
And finally, Kate Spade, because need I say more?
 photo 7c6534ce-245b-4c6b-9e88-ceb8a8fe6413_zps96f8eebc.jpg
Kate Spade Claremont Drive Marcella

What fine leather goods are you wishing for this week?

Glossy Blonde

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Housewarming

How to Throw a Halloween Housewarming Party

Step 1:
Send out invitations to make it legit.

Step 2:
Make sure you plan your costume well in advance, so you aren't making last minute trips to Halloween Express, or paying $20 in shipping for a dress from Forever 21.

 photo 9846006e-964e-4e53-aa71-84ec9feabc4e_zps09bf10eb.jpg 

Step 3:
Have lots of food, but if you're planning to cook a pork butt, make sure the crockpot is actually plugged in. Otherwise, better put in a call to Famous Dave's. 

 photo fa04c9f2-3281-4243-9359-a8c4597b3305_zps47427c0a.jpg

Step 4:
Try to put a little effort into decorating.

 photo c91ada11-5241-47c1-b5f6-00e9a9421e81_zps0d4df82b.jpg

 photo 361c33e3-21e2-4e6a-816b-57e877a43605_zpsdd9d4f57.jpg

Step 5:
Let's be honest--you've probably spent hours pinning inspiration to your party board, so you might as well make use of at least one of those pins.

 photo 18528281-c481-4d8d-8bb4-a960c81ee601_zps6e621d1b.jpg

Step 6:
Invite at least one cute baby. 

 photo ba196f8d-f5eb-4305-888d-1950f4f32389_zpsb1f581d5.jpg

Step 7:
Attempt to parade your dog around in a costume. This will be a failed endeavor, but you'll get an A for effort. 

 photo b5dc839c-e7b2-49ff-9a72-569d9f83c971_zpsf874ba71.jpg

 photo ccf849b7-c6dc-497c-ab6c-8903952f7780_zpsb7a41c16.jpg

Step 8:
Order cupcakes from Donna at Fabulous Fetes and your party will be a guaranteed success. 

 photo 7354ab01-1d26-4fea-93af-ee5f8995a97e_zps8be5856e.jpg

 photo 153783bf-701e-4e7d-9bf4-fd9722b4d725_zpsddc08ff9.jpg

Step 9:
Slave over a hot crockpot all afternoon so you can give away oreo truffles as favors. Your friends will love you forever. 

 photo 6bde0636-53e4-4007-b424-1e3189e94514_zps6d5a0ddd.jpg

Step 10:
Congratulate yourself on throwing a successful party in your first home. 

 photo b5b85b4a-ddf6-4345-8621-79924b8dfd2f_zps6d6950b1.jpg

 photo 774b38f0-52a8-4565-b529-fda64a56c046_zpsd2b49aa6.jpg 

 photo 288c114f-0c84-4429-accf-5978e2e51805_zpse8698ba7.jpg 

A few final notes:
Sleep until noon the next day. Don't bother changing out of your pajamas. Get up from the couch only to open the door for the pizza delivery guy. 

 photo d80c49f4-b77c-467d-ae24-e8f24c393c4d_zps9a5aac68.jpg
Even the doodle crashed.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Fun Time

Remember that time I said I wish my sinuses would just go all out and make me sick so I could get it over with?

I deeply regret that statement.

I've been miserable the entire week, and the usual routine of dayquil/nyquil has done nothing but make me feel loopy during the day and give me bizarre dreams at night. I've felt horrendous since Monday, and I'm super paranoid this will get worse and I'll get pneumonia.

I've only had pneumonia once, back when I was in 6th grade, and it totally sidelined my acting career. I was all set to play the coveted role of "hands reaching out from the wall" in the Barter Theater's Haunted Playhouse, but then I had to miss out because of my silly immune system. My mom relented and let me participate in the final night of the Playhouse, but it was too late--I had already missed all of the talent scouts and would never act again. No worries though, a quick trip to the Mcdonald's drive-thru for an M&M McFlurry fixed everything (don't judge me, they were the newest item on the menu and I had no idea you could get one with oreos).

 photo 96a4203a-e4d3-4dc7-a3c7-0d0dcb26bb3b_zps223b8d0c.jpg
Years later, I would translate that into the role of an invalid in our high school's one act play. Still waiting on that call from Hollywood. 
Here are a few tidbits to round out the week:

- Some well-meaning soul (but remember, the road to hell is paved with good intentions) was playing tennis today and decided to throw an extra ball to Millie. I had to drag her home, because all she wanted to do was lay in the leaves and play with her brand new ball. She hasn't put it down since, and she created a new game called "throw the ball in the bubble bath." She's now pissed at me because I locked it up in the closet so I could get her to settle down for the night.

 photo a97e9427-edac-44ce-8bdd-2fa0877d9879_zps28e19ce9.jpg
Staring at the door and crying will not make it open, Mills
- This week I've randomly heard "Sympathy for the Devil" and "Only in Dreams," and now all I want to do is watch Cowboy Bebop from start to finish. If I start sobbing during the final episode, I will blame it on PMS, not because it's totally heart wrenching and the music is just so beautiful.

 photo d044ead8-e940-4ffe-a83f-3eb446becb22_zps070d9b76.jpg
Found via 
- One year ago this weekend, I was partying it up in Key West with my very best friends for my bachelorette party. It was an amazing weekend, but I will always ask myself--why didn't we take up the invitation from the sketchy groundskeeper about returning to Hemingway House after hours for a pool party? WHY?!?!

 photo 41783d69-a501-4d71-bd81-82e3e68bc854_zpsea7397eb.jpg
Pack your swimsuits, ladies, we're headin' back after hours!
- I joined a gym last week, mostly because I had a coupon to pay no dues until 2014, but also because I like, really wanna lose three pounds. Have I been yet? Did I try the protein supplements I got for free? Did I attend my free session with a trainer? The answer to all of those questions is a solid NO.

 photo 35feb7ef-307e-4937-9390-7c5400bba602_zps8f89b40c.jpg
I will, however, say yes to cake. Anytime. Anywhere.
- Apparently Hanson has their own beer called Mmmhops. How did I miss this?!?

That's all I've got for you dear readers, before the Nyquil takes me to Bizarro World.

Happy Friday friends; I'll leave you with an old favorite to take you into the weekend:

Venus Trapped in Mars

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Twenty Something Conundrum

Several months ago, I read this article and it immediately threw me into a panic. I thought "I'm not doing any of these things! I need to make more mistakes! I don't have time! Somebody get me a Devil Wears Prada type of boss STAT!" I was never going to reach thirty, flirty, and thriving if I didn't do all the things outlined in the article.

Eventually I calmed down, but not until I had a glass of red and several chocolate chip cookies.

This article came out in July and I'm still having trouble processing my feelings over it. There are days when I feel like I've got time to figure out life and how to be an adult, and other days when I feel like a total screw-up because I'm 26 years old and I don't have my own start-up by now.

In fact, I feel conflicted most days, like there's this inner battle going on between my younger self (who still thinks she is in her early twenties) and my older self (my more responsible, adult side). It's like that Native American tale about the two wolves that are inside of you, and they fight, and you know, something happens, and it was a one man wolf pack, but now there is four in the pack. Does that make sense?

Anyway, before I continue to ramble for too long, here are the constant battles I fight with myself every day:

Carefree Katie (CK): "Wow, Forever 21 has such trendy clothes at such great prices!"
Adult Katie (AK): "Anyone who has lived longer than a quarter of a century doesn't need to be shopping at Forever 21. Ann Taylor Loft is having a very nice sale!"

AK: "10pm seems like a really good time to go to bed."
CK: "I'm going to stay up late and drink ALL the wine!"

CK: "I'll just hit the drive-thru at Taco Bell for lunch."
AK: "I'm going to pack a healthy lunch today, with this low-carb, whole weat bread and turkey, then I'll have some carrots for a snack."

CK: "I think I"ll spend my Saturday binge-watching Parks & Rec on Netflix."
AK: "Today I will do the laundry, organize the office, pay bills, go to the grocery store, and prep all of my meals for the week."

AK: "This is a very nice Christmas bonus! I will take it to my bank and invest it wisely."
CK: "EXTRA MONEY!!! Helllooooo, Kate Spade outlet!"

I could keep going, but you get the idea. Guess who wins most of the time? Carefree Katie, because being responsible is sooo hard!

How do the rest of my twenty somethings feel? Still trying to cling to the vestiges of your youth while trying to be a responsible person? Is this what a quarter life crisis feels like?

Two more days until the weekend friends--stay young and never grow up.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Life Lessons from the Liars

How about THAT alliteration?? Anyway, it's that time of year--time for the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special. Are you as excited as I am?

In case you don't know Pretty Little Liars is a quality show from ABC Family that has had me hooked since season one. I remember those days well--watching it on my laptop, since I didn't have cable, eating taco bell, and hanging onto every plot twist and turn. The show is a combination of I Know What you Did Last Summer and Mean Girls. That should be enough to tell you that it's totally awesome.

If I were a parent, I don't think I would let my impressionable young daughter watch this show. These girls do a WHOLE lot of dumb things, which all have terrible consequences. But, just for fun, in honor of tonight's special, let's review the worst life lessons we've learned from PLL:

10. You just can't trust cops. They are creepy old men hanging onto their youth who will sleep with your mom to get you out of a shoplifting charge.

9. If you keep getting suspicious texts from an unknown number, you should DEFINITELY go hunt that person down in a creepy abandoned warehouse, or perhaps even an isolated forest clearing. Trust me, it's legit.

8. It's totally okay to be in a relationship with a teacher--your parents will be so cool about it.

7. If someone goes all psycho on you and tries to drown you in a swimming pool, that person was probably having a bad day. You'll need to tell yourself this once you start dating said person, otherwise you'll seem like a psycho too.

6. The best way to apply to college is to give your application to some random blonde girl you just met, then trust her to hand it off to a guy at a party who allegedly works in the admissions office. You are practically guaranteed admission!

5. Got a suspicious package? No big! Go ahead and open it at the kitchen counter, because nobody EVER sends dangerous items through the mail these days.

4. If your mom steals a bunch of money from her job, the best place to help her hide it is in everyday food items in your kitchen cupboards. Nobody will ever notice a couple of hundos in between the lasagna noodles.

3. If you happen upon a secret passageway in a cemetery, by all means, follow it! There's definitely nothing weird going on in there.

2. Never tell your parents anything. You can handle it all on your own--can't you see how well that's working out for the Liars?

1. Secrets, secrets are no fun...because they ensnare you in an intricate game of lies, blackmail, and...wait for it...MURDER.

What are your favorite lessons you've learned from PLL? If you've never watched, you can catch up with the other seasons on Netflix. And don't worry if you haven't caught the Halloween special yet--I'll tell ya you can expect the usual: a whole lot of nothing up until the very end.

Have a beautiful day.

Helene in Between
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Treat Yo Self Tuesday

Just kidding! Nobody gets to treat themselves this week because NBC is putting Parks and Rec on hold.

As usual, the A.V. Club broke the news to me a la my Facebook news feed, but then I also read an article that Nicole posted which stated the show is "on hiatus, effective immediately," and this may be its last season!

via Giphy
Yes, Leslie. The last season. 

While I know nothing has been confirmed, I am going nutso over here. What will I do without Tommy Fresh and his dance moves?

How can I make do without a regular dose of sunshine from April?

And most importantly, who will be around to turn my frown upside down?

Somehow, I know I'll manage--I always do. In the meantime, you can find me buried under a pile of blankets, watching Netflix, and eating as many baked goods as I can get my hands on. 

NBC, you are the worst. 

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