Friday, October 4, 2013

A Weekend Adventure

Happy Weekend, friends, and welcome to anyone stopping over from Karly Kim's corner of the interwebs. I always find her blog posts hilarious, and I'm having a grand time hanging out on her blog this month.

I try to do model poses like Karly. It doesn't always work out so well.
I don't normally post on weekends, but I'm so excited about what's happening today I had to share. My friend, Mary, and I have decided to take a little day trip to the small town of Lynchburg, VA to experience the magic that is known as the J. Crew clearance store.

Mary and I have been excessively Google searching this place and are beyond excited to get some sweet deals. I will be live tweeting and instagramming the whole thing (just kidding, not the whole thing, since I'm driving and all), and I will be posting a recap later this week.

via Giphy
What are you up to this weekend?

Much Love,


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