Thursday, October 17, 2013

Facebook Favorites: 2006

Remember when Facebook used to be kind of cool? Like, you and your friends would write clever things on each others' walls, come up with clever groups, and then congratulate each other on your overall cleverness? (Say it again--clever.) Maybe that was just me.

Anyway, for some odd reason or another, I was looking back through my Facebook timeline (way back, like to the moment I joined), and I found some real gems on that news feed! And that, friends, is when a CLEVER idea was born--I should do a blog post series on the best and most ridiculous items that have populated my Facebook wall.

 photo krogerparty_zps81653bb6.jpg
For example: This picture.
We're starting with the year 2006 (and some of 2005). I was just getting introduced to this world of "social networks" and boy, I sure did become a Facebook whore (which was my also my favorite insult of the time). Here are my favorites from that year of new beginnings:

5. Wall post from my friend Deirdre (we met through my brother--he knew we would be bff because we both had HP posters in our dorm rooms):

"oh my freaking lord, i am so jealous. how did you manage to marry harry potter?!!!! giiiiiiiiiiirl, you gotta give me a few pointers!"

My answer? Well, you have to be suave and sophistaced, with just enough whimsy to be endearing, AND you need a friend who can create a fake account and is handy with photoshop. (I promise there is a picture of myself and Daniel Radcliffe out there somewhere--PROMISE!)

4. And another post from good ole' Deirdre:

"When are we gonna get started on the list of people you wouldn't touch with a 10 ft. pole? I know who #1 is!!!! Oh yeah, we can work on it at our kickass stat party. good plan."

I have to laugh at this, because that is CLASSIC Katie circa 2006, talkin' all tough about people she probably wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, and if she had to, it would probably be to knock out their teeth and make a rosary (I went through a violent streak). I also assume someone suggested this list as the antithesis to my list of infatuations (this was a real thing, with about 30 men, fictional and real, and it was covered in glitter).

 photo thatface_zps4a298013.jpg
Striking fear in the hearts of Freshmen everywhere.
3. One of my very first status updates...remember when they first rolled it out, and it was basically your FB name followed by "is"? Oh, nostalgia!

Katie Eide is "telling herself to pull it together and to stop eating peanut butter cups, geez!"

I never learned my lesson. To this day, I cannot stop eating peanut butter cups, double stuf oreos, chocolate chip cookies, loaves of bread--you get the idea.

 photo e46518f9-25b6-44b3-a5af-a0befcf4432d_zps828811f4.jpg

2. Really though, some things never change:

Katie Eide is "going to go for a run tomorrow...seriously, guys. Seriously."

1. This picture, courtesy of my friend Mol: 

 photo corpsofcadets_zps6873d830.jpg
"Katie loves those corps boys!"
As a freshman, I thought a guy from the corps would be a great catch--hello, man in uniform! Hello, steady job! But, the more corps boys I met, the more I loved my dog (amiright, Carrie Underwood??).

 photo dc931d54-2c64-4d80-9965-06a515d10a78_zps7d8a8106.jpg
Abby was there for me through all of my college boy drama.
Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane. Are you totally embarrassed or totally entertained by the history on your Facebook timeline?

All Love,


  1. Totally entertained, obviously! We awesome 4-H people had the best Facebooks on the block!

    1. There were definitely some great 4-H congress posts, and I spent quite a bit of time looking at cabinet pictures too!

  2. OMG when Facebook was cool. I remember those days. :)

    1. Right? These days, FB is just the worst. Doesn't stop me from logging on everyday, though!

  3. Totally entertained by your Facebook wall!


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