Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday, the Best Day

Friday really is the best day of the week, especially when it's a beautiful, golden fall morning outside and you have the day off. Matt and I are going to a wedding in Charlottesville this weekend, so I just took the day off to get ready for the trip and spend some quality time with Millicent.

 photo mommyandmillie_zps751e4ec1.jpg

Sometimes, when you get to the end of the week and thinking becomes a real chore, the best post to write is a catch-all/round-up post, because a nice, neat list is easier to accomplish than anything else.

So, dear reader here are the best things that have happened this week:

- Last night, Matt and I were putting together our new coffee table. Things were going really well, until we got to the end and noticed a washer was missing. The culprit? This lanky doodle dandy:

 photo doodleandcrunch_zps6c4a497c.jpg

Or, so we assumed. A trip to the ER vet and $400 later proved that there was no washer in Millie's system--but we still can't find that dag burned washer anywhere! WHERE IS IT?!?! It's a baffling mystery, which is why we will be calling Nancy Drew immediately.

- I've said it before, but I just can't get enough of the Joe Biden articles from The Onion. Here is the latest one, but be warned--if you were a fan of Worm, from this article, you're in for some bad news.

 photo worm_zpsc447ff55.jpg
"Save me a seat at that big poker table in the sky"
Image via The Onion
- We've already heard about Better Call Saul, the spinoff from Breaking Bad. We now have confirmation from Vince Gilligan that he won't be able to resist throwing in random cameos from our beloved characters.

- We are one week away from our Halloween/Housewarming party, and we STILL don't have a costume planned. Please help. We will only take suggestions that meet the following requirements: baller, cheap, and easy.

 photo powercouple2_zpse2724200.jpg
Power couples need baller costumes.
- Last night, Retta, (aka, Donna Meagle) took over the Parks and Rec twitter account to live tweet the episode. Here is one of my favorites:

"Uh....Tommy’s in love?! Go get you some of that skinny little doctor, baby boy. "

(I probably could have done a screen shot, but my phone is on the 4th floor, and I am on the bottom floor--do the math.)

- I was serious about that coupon for joining a gym--Gold's is offering no dues until 2014 if I sign up before the end of October. In fact, I'm going to go join today! Keep me accountable, dear reader.

 photo mountainlakehike_zps88dc7625.jpg
Look! I'm athletic!
- Matt and I are really excited about the wedding this weekend. Um, yes I want to get dressed up and go to a wedding with free food and drink and not have ANY responsibilities! Don't get me wrong, I love being part of my friends' weddings, but it's also nice to just be nothing else but a wedding guest.

 photo septemberwedding_zps543fdb52.jpg
Wedding guest shenanigans. 

What plans do you have for this glorious fall weekend? I hope, at the very least, it involves a dance party. Here's a song to get you started:

All Love,


  1. your dog is the cutest thing ever. and weddings are the best!!
    Helene in Between

    1. Thank you! But I'm not going to tell Millie, because her head is pretty big already. And I am TOTES posting a wedding recap tomorrow.


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