Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Confessions

FRIENDS! FRIDAY IS HERE! Here we are, almost to the weekend, and I am still dealing with a case of "wanting to not do things." Honestly, my sinuses are being such a tease. You know, if you want to make me sick and go full blown sinus infection, then DO IT. Don't give me this half-assed business where I kind of feel sick and exhausted, but not enough to stay home, get better, and move on.

Anyway, I'm linking up for Confessional Friday because this is will probably the last one, forever.

Just kidding! It will be the last consistent link-up, because Leslie is having a baby this coming week! So, send all your love and prayers to Leslie as she and her husband get ready to welcome their first child--a baby girl who will probably be the best-dressed in all of Arkansas.

Let's get to it.

- In case you missed it, I shared some exciting, non-pregnancy related news in yesterday's post.

Who is that guy next to MattyT777? 
- Since Matt has been out of town this week, I've been eating like...well, like a girl who eats her feelings. My last few dinners have consisted of Chipotle, Outback, and PPJs pizza (Papa John's). Don't worry guys, I got a coupon to join a gym so it equals out...right?

- This doodle drives me up the wall sometimes, but I just can't help but love that bearded little face.

Mille and her new toy, Mr. Crunch-Crunch
- I recently began re-reading every book in the Wheel of Time series so I can finally read the epic conclusion. That's 14 books, roughly 900 pages each, so this may take a while.

Some people carb load for running a marathon, I carb load for reading marathons.
- I watched X-Factor for the first time ever last night, and let me just say what we're all thinkin--this is basically a glorified Middle School talent show, amiright?!?

- The always stylish and classy Aubrey Kinch has been working on a new design for the ole' blog. I got to see a sneak peek today and I am already in love.

- It is almost impossible to get a blog post typed when I am home by myself with the doodle. This is what I am dealing with:

- Our Housewarming/Halloween party is only two weeks away and we still don't have a costume nailed down. Don't worry though we've got some ideas:

And that's it for Confessional Friday! Enjoy your weekend, dear reader.

Much Love,



  1. We should always eat dinner together.

    1. Sounds good to me, but you should know I will require my own pizza.

  2. your dinners look very similar to mine when my fiancé is gone. except mine includes multiple Chipotle meals.

    1. Don't you wish Chipotle would incorporate a delivery service? That would help me out A LOT.


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