Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Housewarming

How to Throw a Halloween Housewarming Party

Step 1:
Send out invitations to make it legit.

Step 2:
Make sure you plan your costume well in advance, so you aren't making last minute trips to Halloween Express, or paying $20 in shipping for a dress from Forever 21.

 photo 9846006e-964e-4e53-aa71-84ec9feabc4e_zps09bf10eb.jpg 

Step 3:
Have lots of food, but if you're planning to cook a pork butt, make sure the crockpot is actually plugged in. Otherwise, better put in a call to Famous Dave's. 

 photo fa04c9f2-3281-4243-9359-a8c4597b3305_zps47427c0a.jpg

Step 4:
Try to put a little effort into decorating.

 photo c91ada11-5241-47c1-b5f6-00e9a9421e81_zps0d4df82b.jpg

 photo 361c33e3-21e2-4e6a-816b-57e877a43605_zpsdd9d4f57.jpg

Step 5:
Let's be honest--you've probably spent hours pinning inspiration to your party board, so you might as well make use of at least one of those pins.

 photo 18528281-c481-4d8d-8bb4-a960c81ee601_zps6e621d1b.jpg

Step 6:
Invite at least one cute baby. 

 photo ba196f8d-f5eb-4305-888d-1950f4f32389_zpsb1f581d5.jpg

Step 7:
Attempt to parade your dog around in a costume. This will be a failed endeavor, but you'll get an A for effort. 

 photo b5dc839c-e7b2-49ff-9a72-569d9f83c971_zpsf874ba71.jpg

 photo ccf849b7-c6dc-497c-ab6c-8903952f7780_zpsb7a41c16.jpg

Step 8:
Order cupcakes from Donna at Fabulous Fetes and your party will be a guaranteed success. 

 photo 7354ab01-1d26-4fea-93af-ee5f8995a97e_zps8be5856e.jpg

 photo 153783bf-701e-4e7d-9bf4-fd9722b4d725_zpsddc08ff9.jpg

Step 9:
Slave over a hot crockpot all afternoon so you can give away oreo truffles as favors. Your friends will love you forever. 

 photo 6bde0636-53e4-4007-b424-1e3189e94514_zps6d5a0ddd.jpg

Step 10:
Congratulate yourself on throwing a successful party in your first home. 

 photo b5b85b4a-ddf6-4345-8621-79924b8dfd2f_zps6d6950b1.jpg

 photo 774b38f0-52a8-4565-b529-fda64a56c046_zpsd2b49aa6.jpg 

 photo 288c114f-0c84-4429-accf-5978e2e51805_zpse8698ba7.jpg 

A few final notes:
Sleep until noon the next day. Don't bother changing out of your pajamas. Get up from the couch only to open the door for the pizza delivery guy. 

 photo d80c49f4-b77c-467d-ae24-e8f24c393c4d_zps9a5aac68.jpg
Even the doodle crashed.


  1. I love this! The pumpkin cooler is incredible.

    1. Thanks! We considered it our crowning achievement.

  2. Fun! Also, those cupcakes and truffles look awesome. I'm going to a post-Halloween party this Saturday and I'm a little too excited to dress up. And drink... I'm excited for that part too.

    1. They were soooo good! It's strange, even though I'm an adult with a steady job, I still look forward to any opportunity for free beverages!

  3. you had me at step 7. And I'm not even worried that my invitation got lost in the mail

    1. Oh you know Nicole, it's so hard to get the postage right when you're mailing things to South Africa. Next time!


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