Monday, October 14, 2013

Just Another Music Monday, V.8

Oh, hello! Notice anything...different? Why yes, I DID get a new blog design, thankyouverymuch! This gorgeous work of art is courtesy of Aubrey Kinch. Go check her out--even if you aren't in the market for webpage design, she has a fabulous blog and is always offering up style and beauty tips.

Remember that time I professed my undying love for Kodaline? Well, last night Matt and I had the privilege of seeing them in concert at Jammin' Java in Vienna. It was AHMAHZING.

 photo 7a74d2a0-9e9e-4bf3-875e-9291d1e6141f_zpsc7bde666.jpg
Not bad, iPhone. Not bad.
Diane Birch opened for them, and I had never listened to her music before that moment. Friends, let me tell you, her voice is magical. You know how sometimes people will be rude and talk over the opening act? This was totally not the case. Everybody in the room was enthralled with her set. I tweeted those sentiments after she performed, and she replied!!!! You can imagine how excited I was over that.

 photo 52a547da-cfae-46ff-b115-ae57b5b191ed_zps064f4d0e.jpg

Her album comes out TOMORROW, and DUH, of course I immediately pulled up my iTunes account and pre-ordered it. If you can't wait until tomorrow, then you can go to Nylon and listen to the whole album before it's released.

As you can see, the show last night was fantastic. And, since it was in Vienna, it wasn't such a pain in the bones to get there. It's really hard to pick a favorite song, but I will give you one of my favorite lyrics, from Kodaline's song "Big Bad World:"

 photo cf2ca0cd-99de-494a-8f7b-712d8f4f3ff6_zps1aa44969.jpg

Don't think that this is ALL I am listening to at the moment. My love affair is inclusive to many artists; not just one. Here are a few of my favorites this fall:

- Haim--seriously, if you haven't listened to any of their songs yet, DO IT NOW.

- Guess whose back with with a brand new rap?!?! Okay, yes, you're right, Eminem is back, but I'm actually referring to BNL (Barenaked Ladies). You know you loved this band in their 90s heyday, and they've just realized a new album to remind us all of how much we truly love their music. 

- Vampire Weekend has some fantastic new music out. I heard a soundbite from, I'm assuming, Ezra who basically said that they always feel that each new album is drastically different from what came before, yet people still say "that sounds like typical Vampire Weekend." I agree that they are always changing things up, but there's something about this band that's so very...well, Vampire Weekend. 

- Have you ever given The Airborne Toxic Event a try? If not, please do. This guy was basically trying to write a novel, then decided it sounded better when put to music. If that doesn't convince you, then listen to the playlist below and thank me later.

- Britney Spears. Need I say more?

What's making the rounds on your playlists, lately? 



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    1. I know, I really feel like we could be best friends now.

  2. I love your new blog design, it looks so cute!! I definitely need some new music as I've been listening to the same stuff in my Itunes library over and over as I am working on the new house. If you have not heard Kate Voegele before you should check her out. She is really good!


    1. Thanks! I LOVE Kate Voegle, I especially like to sing along with her songs in the car and act like I can sing as great as she can. You should definitely check out Kodaline and Diane Birch, but I also think you would really like Haim.


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