Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Loudoun Love: Blue Ridge Grill

It's been too long since I've given you a taste of what Loudoun has to offer (pun intended!), so today I'm going to make you drool like crazy while I tell you about Blue Ridge Grill.

BRG is definitely one of our top spots for brunch (and dinner ain't too shabby, either). First of all, they bring you a complimentary basket of funnel cake sticks. Yes, that's right, FUNNEL CAKE sticks. I promise you, these are nothing like your typical county fair funnel cake. These beauties are lightly dusted with cinnamon and sugar, and there's just enough to hold you over until your main course, but not too much that you want to throw up.

I wish I could show you a picture, but we always demolish them before we can even think of Instagram.

Next, their bartenders always mix the drinks to perfection. My personal favorite is the BRG belinni; Matt is more of a margarita kind of guy.

 photo dbdefc38-8634-4aa0-aab1-2f96991e1ba8_zps9ec10637.jpg
A few of these and you'll be trying to take a nap in the booth!
Once the main course arrives, I don't even blink--I tear into it like I've never seen food in my life! Hence, I have no pictures, but I promise you the grilled cheese on texas toast with bacon and tomato looks and tastes as delicious as it sounds.

And don't even get me started on the french fries. Shoestring is my favorite type of fry, and BRG NAILS it every time.

Lastly, you can get something like this for dessert:

 photo e56f2a70-12a1-43a0-a3d4-b097d87b3b70_zps2a62c49b.jpg
I literally couldn't move after I ate this, but I had zero regrets.
 No worries if you visit me and we can't make it for brunch--we'll just hit up the 1/2 price wine night.


  1. wait wait wait. funnel cake sticks? 1/2 priced wine night? can we please do thing sometime?!

    1. I live ten minutes from a major airport. If you head out now we will be just in time for Saturday brunch.

  2. OMG that dessert looks AMAZING!!! And yes, no regrets at all. I want one now :)

    1. It was one of the best desserts, EVER.


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