Monday, October 7, 2013

Retail Therapy

Is Monday ever really a fun day? Let Michael Scott answer that for you:

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Since Mondays are ew, seriously, so gross, I thought we could talk about some fun things (like retail therapy!) that will lift our spirts.

If you follow on Twitter and Instagram, you'll have noticed I made a special trip on Saturday to the J. Crew Clearance Store in Lynchburg, VA. Here is a recap in pictures:

Delicious breakfast at Bodo's Bagles// Lovely drive down Route 29 // Arrival
Debating on the purchase of a pea coat // Braggin' about my haul // Taking one last embarrassing sign picture
Too excited for my purchases // Refueling at Taco Bell // Regrouping with adult beverages
If you live in VA/NC, you need to make your own journey to the J. Crew Clearance Store. All of their merchandise is even cheaper than at the outlet, plus this month they had an extra 25% off. I managed to walk away with a wool coat, one shirt, two sweaters, and two pairs of pants for $160. 

Bonus: They are bringing back the Warehouse sales (special days at the end of each season where prices are so low you won't BELIEVE), AND if you happen to go there and there aren't any special sales you can use your student or teacher ID to get an extra 15% off (this is when it pays to be a hoarder, if you've still got that college ID lyin' around). 

If anyone wants to go, I'll be your driver. We can carb load and blast the Britney Spears Dance Party Pandora Station All. The. Way.

So even though it's Monday, friends, please cheer up--you've got a full week of brand-new fall TV shows and a picture of this Lanky Doodle Dandy to get you through it:

Much Love,


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  1. So jealous, I wish I spent the weekend shopping with you!

    1. Don't worry, you can join us for Black Friday, when the real madness begins.


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