Monday, October 21, 2013

Wedding Shenanigans

Monday is here and not looking pretty at all. I could really use just one more day to recover from the wedding we attended this past weekend in Charlottesville. Yes, we missed that strudel doodle very much, but she was in the capable hands of her Auntie Laura. There was plenty of wine, photo ops, Bodo's Bagels, beautiful Virginian sunsets, and meeting up with dear friends.

 photo acdca563-00f1-4626-9986-df2083437981_zps7c5cb4f8.jpg

Over the course of the weekend (and after two or three glasses of Cab Sauv), I thought to myself "you really need to post a handy-dandy guide for weddings." So here we are, on Sunday night, and I'm trying to follow through on that idea.

I present to you...

The Power Couples Guide to Weddings

- Make sure you arrive to the wedding looking classy (duh). NOBODY will take you seriously as a power couple if you're lookin' like a college student during finals week.

 photo b90b9fe7-d8bc-4f0f-80c0-9247d4f097c6_zpsd2c74cc0.jpg

- Get a good seat so you can take great pictures. You may not even know these people enough to tag them on Facebook, but trust me, you will look SO legit.

 photo 9e560ea7-8620-43ba-99a4-1090036c3f56_zps74536db7.jpg

- Take cues from the family members and bridal party so you laugh and cry at the appropriate moments.

- After the ceremony, there will be a brief moment before guests start moving en masse towards the reception. Take advantage of this hesitation and you'll be the first to arrive at cocktail hour.

 photo IMG_0523_zpsd48ad6e3.jpg
Drinks for DAYS!
- During cocktail hour, keep a drink in one hand and make sure your other hand is free for any noms that are being offered by the servers. Helpful hint: if it's wrapped in bacon, always say yes.

- If cocktail hour is dragging on, find interesting places to have a photo shoot. You can never have too many Power Couple pictures.

 photo a7670f8f-b82b-457c-88e0-1ec72da4bd94_zpsf8c64db6.jpg

- When the bridal party prepares to make their grand entrance, make sure you've got a front row seat, ESPECIALLY if you're a shorty like me. Otherwise you will miss out on awesome spectacles like drumlines and grooms fighting giant snakes.

- Take a break from the open bar during dinner and hydrate--remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

- Dance, Dance, Dance.

- Be the life of the party. This can be accomplished by participating wildly and loudly in everything--photo booths, conga lines, great, big dance circles--WHATEVER. But, make sure you sit it out during the Cha Cha Slide. You've got to have principles.

 photo 76e02164-ecbb-4916-a9a5-9c8320a3d59f_zps07ae86a5.jpg

- Power Couples stay for the entirety of the reception, right through to the grand finale. Unless, of course, your ride is leaving and you can't take the shuttle back because there is NO WAY you will find your way back to the cabin you're staying in the dark of night.

 photo 4c3ab2a6-0ec3-4985-ba2b-ce5d17a4d4a8_zps63aae335.jpg
Thanks for getting us home, Debbie!
So print this off, tuck it in your clutch, and keep it handy for your next wedding. Do you have your own special playbook for weddings? Share in the comments below; Power Couples are always ready to adapt new tricks into their game plan.

Have a lovely week, friends!


  1. looks like the power couple did an excellent job rocking this wedding.

    1. Absolutely. We should start chargin', cause this shouldn't be free.

  2. I will definitely print this off. You guys have the power couple wedding attendance locked down.

    1. Don't worry Karly, after years of practice you'll get there too. (And by "years," I mean one or two weddings.)

  3. These are great tips! I definitely agree with the marathon aspect. Being the life of the party is spot on, but you never want to cross over the line to "that drunk person." ;)

    1. Nope! But I will admit to being the token drunk girl for at least one wedding in my past.


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