Wednesday, November 27, 2013

K Squared Presents: Giving Thanks

Tomorrow, friends, we feast. And, in just a few short days, you can stop seeing your news feed populated by #thankful and #blessed posts.

While we agree it is most important to count your blessings all day, every day, there is just something about those November posts that rub us the wrong way. This article pointed out you might look like an asshole for basically rubbing it everyone's face, but we think it's important to be grateful of all the amazing blessings in your life--just...maybe lay off it on Facebook, okay?

With that thought, an idea was born. How could we give thanks without appearing obnoxious, offensive, or both? Out of that idea came a collaboration between two great minds--Kate from Thoroughly Modern and Katie from The Style Dunce.

Without further ado...

 photo 612a8f37-a28b-4989-8716-68f3e6b8f88c_zps157c5721.jpg 

The Style Dunce (SD):I am grateful that my mom and step-dad are wine people, so there is always a ready supply of the sweet nectar at get-togethers.

Thoroughly Modern (TM): I'm grateful we aren't facing the zombie apocolypse. I mean, I know The Walking Dead isn't real, but what if?

What if Daryl, what if?? via Giphy
SD: I am grateful that Bravo exists because without the Real Housewives I wouldn't know how to be a woman.
TM: I'm grateful I abandoned butterfly hair clips in 1999 and never looked back.

We are never, ever, ever getting back together.
SD: I am grateful that my boyfriend buys the popcorn and coke when he drags me to an awful movie I don't want to see (oh hi, Riddick).

TM: I'm grateful for friends who are always ready to cure my baby fever in a heartbeat. ("Watch videos of live birth," thanks Alison!)

SD: I am grateful that I'm not a 14-year-old girl or else I might have Bieber fever and you don't come back from that shit. 
Wait, fondue? You didn't mention fondue. Everything has changed. (via)
TM: I'm grateful that, after all these years, Taco Bell and I are still going strong.

For the record, "raw as hell," is not a euphemism for something dirty. I checked.
via Giphy
SD: I am grateful that I don't really watch TV late at night anymore so I haven't seen those Sarah McLachlan animal abuse videos in forever. In the arms of an angel, I'm watching Parks and Rec on Netflix instead.

TM: I'm feeling #blessed that there are now cars with heated steering wheels, because we all need something to strive towards.

SD: I am grateful that Ravenswood has shown me that Caleb really isn't so bad, but I am not grateful for his stupid haircut.
His face is asking if I'd like to rethink that stance. Maybe, Caleb, maybe. (via)

SD: I am grateful that "It's All Coming Back to Me Now," is nearly 10 minutes long so I can enjoy every precious second of Celine Dion. 

TM: I'm grateful I can, like, totally eat whatever I want and not gain a pound!

JK kidding! Had ya going there, didn't I?
via Giphy
SD: I am grateful that Adam Levine was named Sexiest Man Alive so that every other skinny, white dude with muscles and tattoos can now have a dream.

TM: I'm grateful that I can get by without washing my hair every day. You know it, I know it, we all know it--washing/drying/styling is a big ol' pain in the bones.

SD: I am grateful that it is the time of year when I can watch Love Actually on a loop and no one can judge me.
TM: I'm grateful there weren't smartphones or instagram back in 2001. That perm I got was a PLD that doesn't need to be remembered.

Take it from me, Leslie: perms are an Oh No No.
via Giphy
SD: I am grateful that House Hunters has taught me the importance of granite counter-tops and stainless steel appliances.

TM: I'm grateful I have granite counter-tops but not stainless steel appliances, so ya know, we don't seem too elitist.

SD: I am grateful that Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen are getting married so everyone has a reminder that the universe just gets it so right sometimes. 

TM: I'm #thankful that the lights are down during spin class, because I don't want anyone trying to copy my graceful form. (And by "graceful form," I mean I don't want people to see me lookin' like a fool.)

via Giphy
SD: I am grateful that cheese exists because as if I wasn't going to take this opportunity to mention it again.

TM: I'm grateful Amy and Tina are back to host the Golden Globes this year--not because it makes an awards show bearable, but because Amy + Tina = all things that are right and good in the world.

Be my best friend?
via Giphy
SD: I am grateful that The Voice made their show 5 hours long each week so I don't waste my time watching it anymore.
TM: I am grateful to know that in just a little over one month, PLL will be back in my life.

SD: I am grateful that Christina Aguilera lost weight so that I can breathlessly read every gossip rag's breathless exclamations of how great she looks and then read their breathless exclamations about how she's gone too far after I fondly reminisce about their breathless exclamations that she was too fat. Oh wait, I meant I'm grateful that my weight isn't dissected by nitwits.

TM: I'm grateful for the 43 vineyards in Loudoun County, plus the bajillion others that are located around Virginia. Also--#grateful for the sangria slushie machine at Prince Michel Vineyards. Yes.

SD: I am grateful that it is almost Christmas time because I like to get my Christmas card ideas from the Kardashians. 

Think you can top this? You can't. (via)
TM: Lastly, I'm going to say what we're all thinking--I'm grateful for Mean Girls. With that one, beautiful, tropical fish of a movie, we've got a lifetime's supply of quotes, gifs, and life lessons.

Life lesson from Mean Girls #55: You can't just ask someone why they are white!
via Giphy
And there you have it. Is your heart filled with joy? Ours certainly are and not just because we're about to watch Love Actually for the 500th time. Can you watch Hugh Grant shake his junk too many times? No you can't, stupid question. Now go get your pajama jeans ready for Thursday and make sure you have a Thanksgiving Day game-plan. Only amateurs strike out after the first course.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Treat Yo Self Tuesday

Hello friends! I know today was supposed to be another gift guide edition, but I decided to save that for next week. Today, I wanted to remind you of the most important thing this holiday season:

 photo c3201514-4926-4896-8c17-d6adf0f26d2a_zps69eea690.jpg
Yes, everyone all over blogland is all "HOLIDAYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSS FOR DAYYYYYYSSSSSS!!!" but we all know that the holiday season can also be the stressful season. You're juggling time with friends and families, battling the crowds to get your shopping done, all the while packing on more pounds because DUH, holiday food and holiday parties. Also, I don't know about you, but my job certainly doesn't slow down in December--if anything, it revs up.

So friends, for today's TYS post, I bring you all my favorite, easy peasy ways to treat yo self, because you will need it this holiday season.

Even if all that means is popping a bottle of Andre and some generic orange juice while watching Love, Actually--doesn't matter, TREAT YO SELF.

 photo 35e988b4-c924-45f2-8918-04d7cd0c1023_zps1c9ca800.jpg

- Bubble Baths
This is my favorite bubble bath ever (if you seriously want to TYS), but Target also has some affordable, lovely smelling options that will do in a pinch.

- A Delicious Meal
If you're like me, holiday weight is probably always in the back of your mind (and in the back of other places, if you catch my drift), but that shouldn't stop you from treating yourself to a delightful meal out one night with your best friend or sig other. Find a cozy little corner in your favorite restaurant, order a steak, a glass of wine, and just relax and let loose. Don't talk about anything holiday related and you will feel the tension melting from your shoulders (or that might be the wine making you feel relaxed, but whatever).

 photo 8f32029b-3eb0-4a7b-a052-d4763b1efc83_zps5cdf3255.jpg

- Holiday Movie Marathon
Set aside time to just lounge and watch your favorites. Don't try to wrap presents, decorate, address Christmas cards, or do a billion other things while you watch, just sit back and enjoy the movie.

Keep the change
via Giphy
- Treat Someone Else
No, I don't mean treat your relatives at the family potluck to a tray of deviled eggs--treat someone who may not be all about the holidays the way you are. Drop all your change into the Salvation Army bucket; buy gifts for a family in need; fill your cart with the nicest non perishable items money can buy and give it all to a food bank. I'm not saying go for broke, but there are lots of ways that you can help others during the holiday season, and they don't all involve spending extra money or extra time.

How do you like to TREAT YO SELF during the holidays? Share with us all below, and we will try to keep it in mind when we're ready to scream because we've been shopping all day and all we need are carbs and caffeine and the line for Starbucks is out the door and around the corner.

All Love,

Monday, November 25, 2013

Loaded for Trouble

You know what makes a Monday better? When you've only got two days in the work week.

A good, hearty laugh also makes Mondays better. My dad recently emailed us this picture, with the subject titled "this guy means bizness."

 photo c47b9950-dd3c-45d0-a9f6-0bb250dd4620_zps0a4679b6.jpg
Image courtesy of my pops

You don't know fear until you've faced a shotgun that's not just fully loaded, but loded fer troble! If there's one thing us Appalachians won't tolerate, it's hell raisin, and better believe we will do what we gotta do to take care of it!

My dad took this picture at work--"work" for him means he is driving around the mountains, inspecting natural gas lines and oil wells. Before you go off thinking this is another instance of society perpetuating the stereotype that Appalachians are dumber than d-u-m, think again--would you have been able to come up with such a totally clever and hilarious way to tell folks to keep off your property? I don't think so. 

All love,

Friday, November 22, 2013

What Have We Learned?

Hello dear friends, and welcome to all you new readers who have come around from this month's giveaways! (You can find them here and here, if you'd still like to enter!) We are finally facing the weekend, and guess what? Santa is coming to town!

via Giphy
Just kidding. Not Santa, this girl:

 photo 336a3fb4-6559-4b6f-a833-9b13d8ed9c8b_zpsb807207b.jpg 

This is my big from my sorority and she is one of my very best friends. I haven't seen her since our shenanigans in Myrtle Beach, and I'm so excited to see her face this weekend. We are going to watch Catching Fire, go wine tasting, shop, ice skate, hold hands, and eat sugar plums. (How many more Elf references can I fit in this post?)

via Giphy
Excitement aside, I've decided to start a new series for Friday called "What Have We Learned?" Why? Because life presents us with little nuggets of wisdom every day, so why not review it on a weekly basis?

This week I've learned...

- That I'm not a total weakling and I can handle a few weights on the machines at the gym.
I had my first of two complimentary training sessions at my gym, and I could have cried when the guy expected me to deal with a whopping 20 pounds on the arm machines (because don't expect me to remember what they are actually called). I totally handled every single one though. I think I'll go enter a bodybuilding competition. Just kidding. Maybe not?

- Chimichangas pair well with flounder, apparently. We went to Ford's for dinner on Wednesday, and that happened to be the special, which Matt ordered. We all know that fish is gross, but man oh man! I think I managed to eat more of those chimichangas than Matt did (sorry honey).

- Drinking a venti salted caramel mocha at 2pm in the afternoon is a PLD if you were hoping to sleep that night.

- If I want to buy the 12 ft. tall, pre-lit Christmas tree of my dreams, then I better be prepared to sell a kidney to pay for it.

- Molasses is not really as slow as I thought it to be.

- Millie is the sweetest, most precious doodle on the planet. But we already knew that, didn't we?

That's all I've got for you, dear readers! What have you learned this week?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fashionably Late: Leggings

Hello friends! We are so close to the weekend, and even closer to that one magical day of the year when we can eat our feelings without fear of judgement!

Speaking of that all day eating marathon (which, let's face it, starts at Thanksgiving and doesn't stop until the new year), let's talk about appropriate attire. You want to look good, in case of obligatory family photos, but you also want to be able to accommodate that food baby and an after-meal stretch out on the couch (or floor, you know, whichever is close).

Leggings. I know it, you know it, we ALL know it.

 photo 42d8da1c-03ea-407c-b049-daeb13b2758b_zps423f01a4.jpg 

I know this isn't a revolutionary idea, and all the legit fashion bloggers did their posts about leggings MONTHS ago. But that is not the point of Fashionably Late. FL is all for people like me who are still too scared to wear booties with jeans, and most times have no earthly idea the appropriate way to to wrap a scarf.

 photo 05c118d5-37cd-4f4d-ac6c-8f733046d12a_zps921b725c.jpg 

A few weeks ago I was thinking about how I have no idea where to get a good pair of leggings, because ladies, let me tell ya, my crop leggings I bought from Vicky's (Victoria's Secret) two years ago just aren't cuttin' it anymore. Luckily, Pinterest Told Me To saved the day, and I ordered these Hue leggings from Nordstrom. I went a little bold the first time I wore them and paired it with a sweater that only just covered my heiney, and threw on a pair of heels instead of boots. I feel like I totally pulled it off, and was the most fashionable girl on the golf course that day! (Also, only girl on the golf course that day.)

 photo 7dd7cae5-c029-4dfe-82a2-cb574ee3cbc7_zps8ce4dc4b.jpg 

Ladies, if you still can't get into the legging trend, try a pair from Hue. They come in a bajillion patterns and colors (okay, maybe more like five or six), and they are very forgiving.

Treat Yo' Self Thursdays Link-up

Leggings // Hue via Nordstrom
Sweater // Target
Earrings // Kate Spade
Shoes (boots) // Rampage via Belk
Shoes (heels) // J.Crew Clearance Store
Sunglasses // Ray Ban

All Love,

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ravenswood and a Giveaway

Ravenswood is getting out of control. I'm not entirely sure what is happening anymore, but let me tell you a few things you can expect in this show. Brace yourselves, it's gonna get weird:

1. Very well-groomed teenagers who do a whole lot of absurd things, like hold seances and knock down walls in basements at night, but never seem to go to school.

2. A creepy uncle who has got a weird hair fetish.

3. Uncomfortable flashbacks to characters from the past--except they're using the same actors, and oh wait, they might be reincarnations of those people, and WHAT is happening?!?

4. The cutest, most precious, demon-like little girl ghost that you ever did see!

5. A long lost, deleted scene from The Ring that somehow ended up on this show. Spoiler alert--some old dude was scared to death.

6. This show raises some heavy questions about commitment. For instance, is it still cheating if the "other woman" is dead? Is it cheating if both parties are dead?

7. Lastly, what would a show named "Ravenswood" be without frequent, ominous shots of ravens flying about?

Enough about Ravenswood--well, enough until January, anyway. I have a lovely little Hump Day treat for all of you dear readers--a giveaway! The super smart and stylish Karly put together this giveaway, and I loved hanging out with her on her blog this past month. Be sure to check out all of these amazing bloggers and cross your fingers for free stuff!

I have 14 beautiful ladies giving away some amazing prizes.  The best part?  There are going to be TWO winners who will each get SEVEN prizes!

To enter, use the Rafflecopter below.  Also, do yourself a favor and get to know some of my favorite ladies in Blogland!
        Glossy Blonde                 Sunny + Turquoise      Handbags & Handguns         The Florkens

       Thoroughly Modern     Venus Trapped In Mars            Bits of Days                   Travel Babbles

      Dancin' With A Dolly        Helene In Between     Diaries Of An Essex Girl     Rhyme and Ribbons

                                                     Preppy Panache          Treasure Tromp
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Treat Yo Self: Gift Guide, V.2

Hello friends! It's time for the second edition of the TREAT YO SELF Gift Guide--and this week, it's all about the ladies! 

Gift Guide for Women

I think my top choice out of these gifts would be the calligraphy print from Joelle at A Charming Occasion. I recently ordered a few custom prints from her shop for my friend's birthday, and they were beautiful (I would post a picture, but I still need to mail them to my friend so she can see them first).

Ladies are easy to shop for, but I hope this served as some inspiration. Next week's gift guide is all about the unique and the unexpected!

Glossy Blonde
All love,

Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans and Goals

Hello friends, and welcome to all you lovely new readers who have stopped by from this fabulous giveaway! There's still plenty of time to enter, and lots of great blogs to check out, so get to it!

Our weekend was cut short because I had to work on Sunday, but that didn't stop us from having the best day on Saturday! We hit up the links at a golf course in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, then headed over to Brewbakers, the bar where we first met, for drinks and food.

 photo 3e33f0eb-d383-4d86-8d3b-4dd9471f1438_zps7b15d770.jpg 

 photo 2872ebf0-4c9f-4702-9f35-e0a3a8c36fd7_zps118486ce.jpg

You may be wondering, "wow Katie, are you a golfer?" And my answer to that is "Yes. I am SO pro." I played one hole and made a triple bogey on a par three--not bad considering I haven't attempted to play an entire golf hole in two years AND I had to use clubs that clearly were not made for ladies!

 photo 7cb0a723-3cb1-4f7a-a360-708c3bc1672c_zps9ace0a64.jpg
No action shots of me, but look at that handsome golfer!
 I also spent a little time jotting notes in my journal for my NaNoWriMo novel, which made me realize it might be a good time to do an update on my November goals. We are over halfway through the month, so let's take a little check-in:

- Complete NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)
Well, I've got about 2,000 words, and the goal is 50,000. Technically, I should AT LEAST have 25,000 words by now. I will most likely finish it all in a few evenings at the end of the month--that's just my style. 

- Start going to spin class twice a week
I managed to go once last week! It was brutal and I didn't last longer than half an hour. I'd call that progress.

- Get a head start on Christmas shopping
I am ALL over this goal, I've already bought three presents for Matt and I have a list of ideas for the rest of the family. No surprises here, shopping is what I do best.

- Unpack and organize all the furniture we brought from my parent's house
The furniture has been somewhat organized. The boxes full of memorabilia from my childhood are still in the garage, eagerly awaiting the magic of my organizational skills.

- Stop playing Candy Crush
Um, work in progress, but I haven't played it at all this weekend! That's HUGE people--a great, big GINORMOUS accomplishment! 

Keep me accountable, dear reader! How are your monthly goals going, or do you set goals for yourself by month?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sharing is NOT Caring

I know this has probably been said a million times over by other bloggers and websites, Facebook DOES NOT need to be an open book about your life. Matt and I both agree that Facebook is THE WORST these days, but we still use it, albeit a little less frequently than in the golden age of Facebook, when it was just for smart college kids and you couldn't instantly share every boring detail of your life.

I think Facebook would be much more bearable if we could all JUST STOP sharing the following things:

- Your birth story
Yes, it's great to share with all your FB friends that you're expecting and when the baby is due. Heck, I'm not even bothered by sonogram pictures (just kidding, I am...sometimes). But the one thing nobody needs is a play-by-play update on how many centimeters you are dilated. Seriously, there is not a single person on Facebook who wants that mental image--not even your mom.

- What you ate for dinner
I know it's fun to post pictures of meals (duh, instagram it), especially when it's all dressed up from a fancy restaraunt. I also know that it's fun to get excited and share a meal you made (look! I managed to cook a steak and it wasn't horrible!). That being said, myself and everyone else on Facebook does not need to see a picture of your boring old chicken and asparagus showing up on our news feed every day. Congratulations, you've made the easiest/most bland meal of all time. Do you want a parade?

- Sharing nothing but LIES
I get it. Sometimes, you read something and you are so outraged, or maybe so frightened, that you just have to immediately share it with all of your Facebook friends. Before you do that, I just want you to check your sources and make sure what you're actually sharing is legit. You are going to be all "egg on my face!" when you realize that Obamacare does not, in fact, require you to have a "mark of the best chip" implanted into your skin.

via Giphy
- Vague, whiny status updates/duck-face selfies/baby daddy/mamma drama
I'm just lumping these all into one because I am starting to get really cranky just talking about this nonsense. I know we're all guilty of posting something about being sick or having a bad day, but we also all know at least one person who does this all day, every day. I typically unsubscribe (or unfriend), but somehow there will inevitably be a computer glitch and their Debbie Downer status will make its way into my news feed once again.

Lastly, can we all start using proper grammar and spelling? I can't take anything you say seriously otherwise.

Now that I've been a Negative Nancy, let me balance things out by putting some positivity back in the world--and what better way to do that than through a giveaway?!?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All love,

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Now that I've told you a little more about myself, it's time I introduce you to our child. No, not a real child, a puppy child. Her name is Millicent Abigail Thomas and we think she is the bees knees:
 photo 0d156a3d-4a66-4896-93e6-ab6bf3c78f32_zps0d317c39.jpg
Here she is when she was just a tiny butterball, after her first visit to the vet.
In a way, she is kind of the namesake of the blog. We named her after the musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie, because I always dreamed of having a puppy named Millie so I could sing songs to her from the musical. After that, I realized "Thoroughly Modern" would also work really well as a blog name.

I'm usually including her antics in some way or another each week, and she has been a guest poster several times, which you can read here, here, and here.

I thought about asking Millie to do a guest post for today, but her schedule was too full (lots of tennis play-dates with Burton and Copper), so you get plain ol' me for today's special link-up with Karly and Jackie: Pets are People Too.

Karly Kim

Also linking up with Betsy, Emily, and Sara!

Pets are people too, and just like humans they have the most bizarre (and hilarious) quirks. I don't know about other puppies, but Millie's got a novel's worth of these funny little habits she does every day.

- Every time she comes out of the crate, she MUST have something in her mouth. Someone told me this is the retriever in her, which I believe to be the truth. At first, she would grab one of the toys we would leave with her in her cage, but since she has destroyed all of her toys she now latches onto a blanket or towel. She then maneuvers this blanket up on the bed, and will sometimes barrel her way downstairs with blankie in tow.

 photo da629b63-10e7-4f92-bbef-b485b72d6ead_zps6cd195fb.jpg
She just loves her security blankie!
- She's a little bit scared of her own shadow. Sometimes, when I walk her at night, she gets scared by the wind blowing and shadows on the ground, so she refuses to do her business and we have to go back inside.

- She likes to play a fun game called "bite the leash." She starts jumping around, trying to bite the leash and take off running with it, growling all the while.

 photo c2510718-2ef1-41f8-adf8-75ab52419701_zpse6c7f73d.jpg
When she was smaller, she would just get picked up if she was misbehaving. We no longer have that as an option.
- She is BANANAS over her tennis ball. She barks and jumps and cries when I put it away for the night because she gets SO mad.

- If the door to the shower is open ever so slightly, she will walk right in. Girl loves that shower water!

- She picks at and eventually eats the excess hair on her tail. No matter how many times we say "Millie! Stop making a butt plug," she keeps at it.

- When we get her upstairs to go in her crate, she knows right away we're getting ready to leave. So, she does the only sensible thing she can do: she either takes off running downstairs (if the bedroom door is open), or she runs and hides under the bed. The only thing that will get her out is if you say "See ya later Millie, I'm leaving," then make a dramatic fake exit. Once that happens, she immediately runs into her crate.

 photo 1a5d734e-2a38-4298-af2f-d8457a649beb_zpsc276e90c.jpg
This is CLASSIC Millie!
This is only the tip of the iceberg; maybe next time Millie will clear up some time in her schedule so she can do her own post about the unique little quirks and habits that make up the precious little doodle we know and love.

 photo a42cdbb9-ee98-4a97-8b0b-4e281495035b_zps3a842b59.jpg
Which includes lying like this on the couch.

All Love,

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