Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Facebook Favorites: 2007

Time for another edition of my Facebook favorites! These college memories are from the year 2007, which was actually a tough year. April 16th happened, and then my Crohn's steadily worsened for the next few months until my surgery that was scheduled over the summer. Despite all of the heartache, I still have great memories from 2007, and that was one of the best parts about being a Hokie: your entire world could come crashing down (and it did for all of us that year), but we manage to survive  because we are a loving, supportive community.

Before I start sobbing over my love of being a Hokie, let's get to it:

5. I might as well start this off with a wall post from my friend and former roomie Deirde, just like the first edition in this series. We sure had some classic wall-to-wall conversations.

"you have GOT to teach me how to hawk a loogie. i want to BE you.


RADFORD CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

True life: I've never lost a spitting contest. True story: Deirdre is from Radford, also home to the legendary rap group, Radford's Finesse. The post script just happens to be one of the quality lyrics that group has churned out.

 photo 2d0914e4-ce09-47ab-b5d4-05abded6b2c1_zpsa3f60b8d.jpg
Thought I had an action shot somewhere of me in a spitting contest, but I couldn't find it, so you'll have to settle for this.

4. And since we started on the roomie train, here's a post from Molly:

"i don't want to go to hell"

I agree! I have no idea what we were talking about in 2007, but I believe that sentiment still holds true today. 

3. This status, which needs no explanation:

"Katie Thomas is needing harry potter, like a grindylow needs water..."

2. A particularly sweet post from Molly:

"Hey there cow turd! I want to go on a shearch for a world of babies, you in?"

Don't fret, friends! Molly wasn't actually insulting me--we read in my psychology book, World of Babies, that in some countries it's very important to insult your baby, which tricks the evil spirits who may be trying to steal your baby's soul....because NOBODY wants to steal the soul of a cow turd! Gross!

 photo 7af8692e-258a-4865-a969-e84ba03fcaaa_zps27584c64.jpg

1.This post from a high school classmate:

"Baby know I got these streets on lock, have you forgotten who I am? Anyway I'm pretty sure me and the dynasty are coming up that way for got anything planned?"

I can't be certain, but I'm fairly sure I was crushing on this guy BIG TIME. I went through a phase where I thought it was really hot for guys to talk like they memorized the Urban Dictionary. 
 photo e6834cce-0421-4874-a8f0-4584df7417e4_zps99a335db.jpg
Wait, maybe that was me who memorized Urban Dictionary.
Lastly, I just want to say that I teared up a little reading all of the supportive posts from friends and family, both after April 16th happened, and before/after my surgery. I went through some of the most difficult moments of my life while in college, but I still consider it one of the best times in my life (other than right now, of course!).

 photo 6c5c78a8-7840-4398-97c9-7dcd2f12d19c_zps4582efea.jpg

All Love,

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  1. Just got around to reading this. Haha I'm sad that my memory of these posts is so bad. It is true, i still don't want to go to hell! Also a world of babies is an absurd text book topic. What the hell vt?!


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